Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Married to a Trial Liar by Sophia Moreau and Barbara Sheldon

Mia Picarde decided early in life that she would not go hungry and always have a roof over her head. When hearing her parents arguing about money Mia went to her brother Danny and asked him to see if she could work at the sandwich shop that he worked at. Her boss Doug Goldman took a shine to her and they started an affair. When Mia became pregnant, they married. Doug blamed Mia for everything that was wrong in his life and when he abused her she left with the children. The divorce attorney that she saw was Dave Grossman. He cajoled Mia into a sense of tranquility and asked her to marry him. The marriage was worse than her first. Dave was continually abusive but with six children she was afraid to leave. She worked hard all her life and finally one day had enough and filed for divorce. The divorce was continually put on hold after Dave lied to the court about this or that. Then every year on Mia's birthday another girl was murdered with a red tie. Mia and Dave's mistress put two and two together and feared that Dave was the killer. Now Mia just has to find a way to prove it and be rid of him forever.

This book was a very quick read. There is some romance, some coming of age and some murder thrown in along with abusive behavior by two of Mia's husbands. While descriptive in what was done to Mia and others it was not overly graphic which was nice. I would have liked a little more background into Luca's meeting and subsequent relationship with Mia. From beginning to end it was a page turner for me and a very enjoyable read.

On The Fringe by Courtney King Walker

Teenaged Claire was just starting to realize her feelings for her best friend's brother when he was killed. Daniel was not only Addie's brother but he was Claire's brother Matthew's best friend too. Claire just can't seem to get back to life after Daniel's death and then on her 16th birthday, she drowned. After a few minutes Daniel's spirit was able to revive her. From then on for a few minutes each day Claire was able to see and talk to Daniel. But, there was another spirit at work and this one meant Claire harm. Aden blamed Daniel for his death and wanted revenge by haunting and hurting Claire. Together Claire and Daniel have to unwind the truth about what happened when he was five and deal with Aden once and for all.

Very interesting concept for the book. It's told from both Claire's and Daniel's points of view. Each chapter deals with how Claire and Daniel each see what is happening between them and around them. Even though there are sinister undertones with the character Aden, it mainly deals with how both Claire and Daniel cope with his passing. Enjoyed all the characters in the book from Claire and Daniel to their siblings, her parents and her dead aunt. The story grabbed me from the beginning and I had to keep reading to see what was going to happen. I really love a book that does that. The title is an excellent choice because who knows what waits on the fringe. Really good young adult book.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Revealing Eden by Victoria Foyt

Eden is a Pearl, the lowest of the low in her civilization. She and her father work for Ronson Bramford. Eden's supervisor her by telling her that a report Eden did was not sent to her. Bramford hears and tells Eden she must stay in her quarters. There is no love lost between Eden and Bramford. Her friend Jamal tells Eden it's ok to go out and he would meet her at a club. Jamal does not show up and Eden is cornered by two men of the resistance. Bramford comes to her rescue but they are both taken captive. Eden's father is working on a project and needed people for guinea pigs. Bramford tells him to use the serum on him and then he takes both Eden and her father to a remote destination to keep them safe. There Eden sees another side of Bramford and learns about his earlier life. She has to decide if she can accept Bramford as he is now and if she wants to be like him.

Eden and her father are not close though she wishes they were. So, when Jamal paid attention to her she lapped it up. She did not realize that he just wanted something from her. Bramford on the other hand, tried to keep her safe and she fought him all the way. There was a lot of sexual tension between them throughout the book. Was not sure at first if I was going to like it, but once I got into the story it grabbed me and didn't let go.

Monday, October 24, 2011

After Midnight by Sarah Grimm

Isabeau Montgomery is the proprietor of a bar. One night she was playing the piano after hours when in walked Noah Clark. Noah was the lead singer of a band called Black Phoenix and they are trying to make a comeback. Isabeau was a child star pianist, but stopped playing after she and her mother were in an accident and her mother lost her life. Her father battled for custody with her step father and won, the only reason she wanted her was to make money off her talent. So, Isa decided it was better not to love music. Noah and his band rented space for a studio down the road from Isa's bar. He could not believe how talented she was and went about trying to get her back into playing. But, at what cost would it come with. Isa is afraid it will destroy her instead of giving her back her life.

Instant chemistry from the beginning between Isa and Noah. Each comes to the relationship with baggage and each wants to help the other get over theirs. Story was very easy to follow from beginning to end with just the right mix of description and dialogue. Enjoyed some of the minor characters like Dominic. Ms. Grimm weaves a captivating story and keeps you wanting to keep reading to see where her characters lead her. Loved the cover of the book and think it fits very well. A book very worth picking up and reading.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Heartstrings and Diamond Rings by Jane Graves

Alison Carter wants what her friends have a husband, children and a home of her own. Brandon Scott needs money fast. He has inherited his grandmother's house, as long as he wants to live there and her Matchmaking business. Alison thinks her boyfriend Randy is going to propose, instead he asks her if she would consider a threesome with one of her friends. She then decides that she has lousy taste and needs help finding a man. Alison makes an appointment with Brandon and enlists his help finding her soul mate. Brandon tries to match her with four guys. They look good on paper but none of them fit Alison's ideal man. That could be because she has fallen for Brandon but she does not know that he is not going to stick around. Brandon is out of there as soon as he makes enough money to invest in a real estate deal with his friend Tom.

Cute storyline with an inept matchmaker trying to find a sweet girl next door her ideal man. Somehow he stumbles upon mates for several clients, all except Alison. Several good minor characters including Alison's best friend Heather, her co-worker Lois and her father. Good chemistry between the main characters. There were no lags in the story at all, flowed well from beginning to end. It has a good balance between description and dialogue. This is a real feel good chick lit book and I highly recommend it. Jane Graves has become a new author for me to read.

Home Sweet Home by Bella Riley

Andi Powell is going back home to Emerald Lake. She could not wait to leave the small town behind after graduating. Now, her biggest client wants to build condos in her hometown. Going home however, means seeing Nate Duncan her first love. Nate has been raising his sister Madison since the deaths of their parents. He knew that Andi wanted bright lights and a big city, so he pushed her away when he became responsible for his sister. Nate is now the mayor of Emeral Lake and like several other long time residents is opposed to Andi's plan. After Andi arrives her grandmother takes ill and Andi is left running the family business Lake Yarns. She begins to question decisions she has made in her life and starts to think that maybe she can find happiness afterall.

Truly a very cute book, I enjoyed this one very much. Loved all the different characters and how their lives are interwoven. Andi a type A personality questions what she has believed all her life. She and her mother come to a new understanding. Nate a true alpha male with a very sensitive side. By the pictures the author creates you can actually picture this small town and it's residents. There is a lot of chemistry and history between Andi and Nate and that keeps the book flowing from beginning to end. Definitely worth reading if you are a chick lit fan. I will be looking for more books from this author in the future.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Don't Mess With Texas by Christie Craig

Nikki Hunt agrees to meet her ex Jack for lunch. She has a feeling that he is going to ask her to get back together. As soon as she sees him, Nikki knows that there is no way that is going to happen, even though Nikki is in dire need of money that Jack could supply. While they are eating Jack gets a phone call and leaves the restaurant and doesn't return. Nikki is furious that he stiffed her with the check and mutters that she wants to kill him. Not feeling well Nikki stops at a store to get something for her stomach. Then is sees that Jack is dead in the trunk of her car. Dallas O'Connor is a P.I. Then Nikki loses her lunch on first his shoes and then his shirt. He decides that maybe she isn't and vows to take her case. His brother Tony, the detective on the case is trying to reconcile with his wife.

Very cute book, I loved it. Nikki is kind of kooky but sweet. She wants to take care of herself but finds that she needs help in this instance. Dallas is a take control kind of guy who went to jail for a crime he did not commit. His mission in life is to see that no one who is innocent suffers what he did. Liked the sub story of Tony and LeAnn. Also all the quirky friends of Nikki's grandmother. This was a very easy reading book and I love the cover for it. I highly recommend this one.

Monday, September 26, 2011

End of Days by Robert Gleason

L.L. Magruder is convinced the end is coming. She tries to enlist her family and her government but they think she is losing it. Kate, her daughter, is a correspondent for her mother's communications network. Her step brother Frank is a doctor in New York. Stone is also a correspondent and is kidnapped by two crazy sisters. Stone's friend Colton is an astronaut, he along with Stone and Cool Breeze used to play baseball together. Breeze, however, is now in prison. Finally the day comes when bombs start going off everywhere around the world. Many leaders are killed and those is prison are freed. Kate and her step brother refuse to join her mother in her compound called The Citadel. They feel they can be more help working with the wounded. But, they are taken hostage by the rogue prisoners and used as bargaining chips to make Kate's mother hand over The Citadel. After all the devastation there is fighting until finally peace is once more achieved.

This book is a depiction of what could potentially happen in the future. While a good storyline there is a lot of violence in the beginning of the book. I'm not a big fan of violence and some of it was hard to read. The first part is introducing all the characters and was a bit confusing trying to keep them all straight. However it all came together in the end and became cohesive. If a reader enjoys apocalyptic books this is one they should definitely consider reading.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome to Serenity by Sherryl Woods

Jeannette Brioche is happy with her life, that is until all her friends start getting married and having babies. Tom McDonald is the new city manager in Serenity. It's not the job his parents would have picked for him, but Tom sees it as a challenge. He likes the small town and knowing his neighbors. Then one day Tom clashes with Jeannette and he knows this is the place for him, at least for now. Neither Tom or Jeannette had typical home lives growing up, so they understand each other. Then one day Jeannette sees Tom's parents and realizes that his mother tried to have her fired and sued her place of employment when she worked in Charleston. Tom is determined to have his mother and Jeannette make nice. Then Jeannette's father has an accident and she has to face the cold treatment from her parents that she received since her brother's death. With all this going on Tom is still confident that he and Jeannette have a future, she is not so sure.

The Sweet Magnolias are at it again meddling this time in Jeannette and Tom's lives. They keep pushing them together to see the sparks fly. Jeannette is a very strong person but very vulnerable when it comes to talking about her past. Tom knows what his family like was like and loves his parents even though he does not want their life. From the first Jeannette and Tom clash, but they keep finding their way back to each other. Good chick lit book with a sweet storyline.

The Stranger and Tessa Jones by Christine Rimmer

Tessa Jones has just learned that her boyfriend married someone else in Vegas. She realizes that she has lousy taste in men. While breaking all the dishes that Bill had given her a stranger collapses in her front yard. When the man comes to he has no idea where he is or who he is. Tessa takes him in and nurses him as best she can during a snow storm. Several days later, things start coming back to him and he remembers his name is Ash Bravo. He calls his brother and learns that he is engaged, but Ash remembers that he broke it off with Lianne. Having learned that he was injured in a plane crash, Ash also learns that Lianne is in the hospital in a coma. Tessa tells him that he needs to go to her and see that she is ok. Then he can figure out what he wants to do. Ash tells her that he will return for her, but Tessa is not so sure.

This book combines two of Ms. Rimmer's series The Jones Gang and Bravo Family Ties. Quick book to read with a pretty simple storyline. Each of the Bravo books are a little different but still a cute romantic read. This one is no different in that area. Good strong characters like the other books, Ash and Tessa return in A Bride for Jericho Bravo. Have been enjoying this series very much.

The Shifters by Alexandra Sokoloff

Caitlin MacDonald is the Keeper of the Shapeshifters in New Orleans. One morning she wakes up after having a bad dream and has the feeling that something really bad is going to happen. Ryder Mallory is a shapeshifting bounty hunter. He agrees with Caitlin that something is going to happen, it's in the air. Tourists are dying after being filled with a walk in entity and Caitlin and Ryder along with the leaders of the Others communities in NOLA are trying to find the leader. They are targeting Caitlin and she and Ryder are afraid they will also go after her sisters who are the Keeps for the vampires and werewolves.
Caitlin is not sure she can trust Ryder after being lied to by another shifter.

Set is New Orleans the description lends a lot to the storyline. From glimpses into clubs and the walk on Bourbon Street the flare of NOLA is there. A nice balance between the descriptive passages and the dialogue between the characters. Caitlin is trying to prove herself not only to herself but to her sisters too, that she can really take care of a watch over the shifters. Ryder will do anything to bring the walk ins to justice. One of them killed his sister so it's personal. He also wants to make sure Caitlin is safe from harm. Liked the storyline and the flow of the book. A very fast read for me and a good paranormal romance.

The Keepers by Heather Graham

Fiona MacDonald is the keeper of the vampires in New Orleans. Jagger DeFarge is a homicide detective and a vampire. Blonde girls are being found in cemeteries around the city dressed in white. They are drained of blood and the Underworld thinks that the killer is a vampire. Fiona and Jagger have to work together to find the killer. But, they are not sure if the killer really is a vampire or not. Fiona and Jagger are drawn to each other and his main focus is keeping Fiona and her sisters safe while finding who is trying to start a war.

This is the first book in the Keeper series. It sets the stage for the books to come, which I read out of order. Good story line as Ms. Graham is a great storyteller. This one was a page turner for me and I read it pretty quickly. I really enjoyed this book not only the story but the location too.

Tempting Faith by Susan Mallery

Faith Newlin runs an animal sanctuary. She is keeping a rare pair of white tiger cubs. Colt Hollenbeck is getting over a gunshot wound and a mission he can't remember. His boss sends him to handle security at Faith's reserve. They are afraid that someone is going to try and steal the cubs. Colt admires the way Faith takes care of the animals and she uses the same technique on him to try and get him to open up to her. Little by little the memories return of Colt's mission. Now the only thing on his mind is keeping Faith and the animals safe.

This book was not such an easy read for me. I usually love Ms. Mallery's books but just had a hard time getting into this one. I won't say it's my favorite that she wrote because it's far from that. However, in the end the story was a good one. It just did not flow all that well for me.

Stranger in Paradise by Amanda Stevens

Emily Townsend has moved back home. In fact, she is opening a bed and breakfast. The house is the scene of a grizzly murder and Emily is capitalizing on that for publicity. Her first guest is Matthew Steele. He tells her he read an article about the murder and came to look into it. They decide to work together and then weird things start happening and they are put in danger. During their investigation Emily learns things about people she has known all her life and is taken aback. She also finds out that Matthew is more than he told her.

This is a good suspense book. Liked the plot from the beginning to end. It was fast paced and easy to follow. There were no lagging parts at all. Enjoyed the chemistry between the main characters and the way they worked together to solve the mystery. Short but very enjoyable read.

Storm of Visions by Christina Dodd

Jacqueline did not want to acknowledge her gift. Caleb goes and finds her and brings her to her mother. She is also there with the Chosen Ones. Zusane, Jacqueline's mother leaves when all the Chosen Ones are in the circle and tells them they have survive on their own. While together the other Chosen Ones are murdered in an explosion. Now the Chosen Ones who are left have to figure out who betrayed them and Jacqueline has to deal with her gift and help find out who killed her mother.

This book was ok. I liked the darkness chosen series better. However, this was just the first book and hopefully the rest will be better. There was a lot going on and not each person was explored yet. Jacqueline and Caleb are both strong personalities and play well off each other. There was the right balance of dialogue and description and ended up in the end being a pretty fast read.

She's No Faerie Princess by Christine Warren

Fiona knew it was time for her to take a vacation. She was tired of the Court and all it entailed. So, she went through the gate leading from Faerie to the human world. Not long after she is attacked by a demon. Her rescuer is a beta werewolf by the name of Tobias Walker. Walker gets crazy around Fiona and only wants her to go back home. But, when they go back to the gate it has been sealed. Fiona's uncle Dionnu is in the human world as a delegate to the negotiations that will lead to the unveiling of the Others. First a human woman is killed by a demon and then a lupine woman finally a pixie friend of Fiona's is killed. Walker's main priority now is to make sure that Fiona is safe since she became his mate. No matter what she has to face Walker will be there.

This is the second of the Other's books in the series. Kinda knew from the beginning who the bad guy was gonna be, but it was still a very enjoyable read. Really liked that she brings back former characters in succeeding books, if not their presence then they are talked about. It makes you feel like you are revisiting old friends. Anyone who likes paranormal will like this book. Very easy and fast read because you just can't put it down.

Savor the Danger by Lori Foster

Jackson Savor wakes up in bed with Alani Rivers and can't remember how he got there. From things that Alani says they spent the night getting really well acquainted. Not remembering their night grates on Alani's nerves and she leaves him perplexed. Finally Jackson figures out that he has been drugged and goes to talk to and straighten things out with Alani. With the help of her brother Trace and friend Dare they realize that both Jackson and Alani are in danger and that Jackson needs to guard Alani while they figure out who is trying to kill them both.

Recurring characters from When you Dare and Trace of Fever. The chemistry between Jackson and Alani from the other two books will not be denied. Good story line and a real page turner from beginning to end. Enjoyed this book as much as the other two. Makes me think I will find more books by Ms. Foster to read.

Photo Finished by Laura Child

Carmela Bertrand was having an all night crop at her shop Memories Mine. Her assistant left to move Carmela's car for her and found the body of Barty Hayward. Carmela's friend Tandy's nephew Billy is the prime suspect. Everyone knows at Carmela's shop that Billy would not hurt a fly. Tandy finally asks Carmela to look into the murder and while she is doing special jobs for businesses around the area she begins to investigate. It all comes to a head at the Monsters & Old Master's Ball at the Art Institute.

The second scrapbooking mystery by Ms. Child. Very clean and easy read. Most of the same characters from the first book are back in this one. Lovers of cozy mysteries will want to read this series. I really liked it and is a nice change of pace.

Marrying Molly by Christine Rimmer

Molly O'Dare is the mayor of Tate's Junction. Tate Bravo is on the city council. They argue at each meeting about what is good for the town. Each has their own views and they don't meet in the middle. That did not stop Molly and Tate from having an affair and now Molly is expecting a child. Tate demands that Molly marry him but she will have no part of it. After uncovering secrets from Tate's mother and father's past. She confronts Tate and he gives her an ultimatum marry him or move out.

With each book more comes to light about Blake Bravo and just what a worm he was. Each of his sons have to learn to live with what they learn about their father. Molly just wants Tate to admit he loves her and embrace the knowledge that his mother left him and his brother. Both very strong and hard headed people Molly and Tate just seem to be at odds. Good category romance and a quick and easy read.

Lori's Little Secret by Christine Rimmer

Lori and her twin sister Lena switched places the night of their senior prom. Lori attended with her sister's boyfriend Tucker Bravo. After graduation Tucker left Tate's Junction and never knew he was going to be a Dad. Almost 11 yrs. Later both Lori and Tucker are back in their hometown. Lori has decided that Tucker needs to know that her son Brody is his son too. Before she can tell him though, he figures it out for himself and tells Lori that he will never forgive her for not telling him. When Brody finds out that Tucker is his Dad, he tells him that he wants him and his mom to get married so they can be a family. Lori, however, tells Tucker that she can not marry a man who will not forgive her.

Seems like most of the Bravo books center around an unexpected pregnancy. This one deals with that issue 11 years after the fact. Lori wants forgiveness and Tucker will not give it. Very enjoyable but typical romance. A good way to lose yourself for a couple of hours. Still have a few left to read and on the whole have really liked Ms. Rimmer's books

Listen to Your Heart by Fern Michaels

Josie and her sister Kitty have a catering business. Kitty is the cook and Josie has the head numbers. One day a man comes to hire the sisters but before he does his dog destroys Josie's flowers and her screen door. The reason is that the dog, Zip falls head over heels for Josie's dog Rosie. They may have gotten off on the wrong foot but Paul is determined to make it up to Josie. They start talking about mother's because Josie is missing her's. Paul tells her that he is estranged from his. Little do they know but Paul's mother Marie is one of Josie's clients. Josie knows the whole story from listening to Marie talk about the son she loves and does not see. Finally, Paul is ready to confront his mother, Josie tells him to listen with his heart.

Fern Michaels is one of my favorite authors and this book did not disappoint. Loved the dogs Zip and Rosie and all they got up too. Set in New Orleans, with the sites and sounds as a back drop. Josie did not have much luck with men and was not sure it had changed when she met Paul. She thought he only wanted her for a dog sitter. Paul has issues of his own that he had to deal with to find his way to Josie. Cute story and a good romance, I liked it.

Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian

Gabrielle Maxwell is an artist. She sells photographs that she has taken. One night she and some friends go to a club and later she witnesses a murder. She even takes pictures on her cellphone. The police, however, do not believe her. Lucan Thorne has vowed to kill any rogue vampires he can find. He goes to Gabrielle and get the photos on her phone to help identify the rogues. He does not tell her that he is a vampire or that she is a breedmate. When Gabrielle finds out about Lucan she does not want to have anything to do with him. But, she needs protection and Lucan is going to be the one to take care of her whether she likes it or not.

This book was ok. Very slow in parts to me and I didn't read it quite as fast as some others. In the end I did enjoy it but there was something lacking in it for me. I have a couple more in the series and I hope they are a little bit better.

Just a Taste by Deirdre Martin

Vivi and her half sister Natalie are opening a bistro together. Across the street there is an Italian restaurant run by chef Anthony Dante a widower. Vivi and Anthony clash from the beginning. They even challenge each other to a cook off. Sparks fly but Vivi thinks Anthony is not over his late wife and she says she is not ready for a commitment with her bistro just starting up. Then things fall apart when Vivi learns that Natalie has spent all their money. Now the bistro is in danger.

Loved this book, so much in fact that I have ordered three more of her books. It was witty, charming and just a good story. Really enjoyed the by play between Vivi and Anthony. There is also a bevy of minor characters that are wacky and funny. Good contemporary romance quick and easy.

In The Dark by Heather Graham

Alex works at a resort organizing dives and one on ones with her beloved dolphins. David is a treasure hunter and Alex could not live with the separations and David not respecting what she loved. So, they divorced after a year of marriage. Now David has shown up at the resort just as Alex has met someone else. He tells her that due to a technicality they are still married. Alex and one of her co workers find a dead body on the beach but when they call the sheriff the body has disappeared. David thinks it's the person he was supposed to meet and vows to keep Alex safe.

Heather Graham is a very good storyteller and this book is no different. It's quite the page turner as you can't help but want to know why people are dying and who is killing them. It's also a second chance at love romance to boot. Alex is a strong woman with a mind of her own, but David is also determined to show her that they never should have gotten divorced. Suspenseful read with just enough romance thrown in.

Hunter's Moon by Lori Handelland

Leigh Tyler has been called by Edward Mandenauer to go and teach another Jager-Sucher in Crow Valley Wisconsin. Edward found Leigh after her entire family and her fiance had been killed by a werewolf. Leigh had been marked by him too but not killed. Since then it has been Leigh's job to kill werewolves. Jessie McQuade has just hired on with Edward and is the student that Leigh is supposed to teach. They clash in the beginning but come to understand each other. Leigh's room is over a bar run by Damian Fitzgerald. Leigh had not had a romantic encounter since her fiance was killed but something about Damian drew her to him. He is afraid though, that Leigh will not care for him when she learn what he is. Damian is a werewolf and vows to kill others like himself. They do work together to get Hector, the werewolf that killed Leigh's family and wants to be her mate. Now they have to figure out if there is any way to cure Damian.

This is the second book in this series. Both Leigh and Damian are dealing with a lot in their lives but they are drawn together anyway. Damian knows who Leigh is from the beginning and is afraid what will happen when she learns about him. Leigh is confused where Damian is concerned and goes bonkers when she finds out. Good story line with just enough description without overload. Really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the others in the series.

Hummingbird Lake by Emily March

Sage Anderson is living with dark secrets that she has not been able to tell her friends. Colt Rafferty has seen Sage at her worst and still will not leave her alone. He tries to get her to go to counseling and talk out what happened to her in Africa. But, Sage refuses to even consider it. Then her sister Rose arrives in town and Sage wants nothing to do with her. Rose has just battled cancer and wants to renew her relationship with her sister. Sage's doctoring skills come into play and she delivers her friend Nic's twin daughters. But, when Colt's niece is hurt and he asks Sage to go with him, she tell him that she can not. She doesn't know if she will ever be able to handle children and blood again.

Very compelling book when you get into it about all that Sage endured in Africa. A lot of the book is how she deals with her relationships with her friends, her sister and Colt. She feels she can not talk to any of them about what happened to her. Colt being a strong alpha male tries to get her to deal with what happened so they can have a life together. Really good chick lit book, another good page turner. There is so much going on in this one that the read goes by fast.

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Dr. Shanna Whelan works the night shift at an all night dental clinic. Roman Draganesti has lost one of his fangs and needs a dentist to put it back. Shanna gets a call and learns that the men that want to kill her have found her even though she is in the Witness Protection Program. When Roman arrives at the clinic Shanna thinks he is one of the assassins coming to get her. After he arrives all heck breaks loose and Roman gets Shanna out of there. It takes quite a long time before Shanna realizes that Roman is a vampire. Roman thinks he is not worthy of anything good in life, Shanna plans to make sure that he knows he is. Roman learns that the man hired to kill Shanna is an old enemy of his. Shanna is reunited with her father only to learn that he wants to kill Roman.

Lots of twists and turns in this one. Very good storyline and a quick read for me. Loved this one, it's the first in her love at stake series. There is just about anything you could ask for, some comedy and suspense and lots of sexual tension. Really looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series. Kerrelyn Sparks has become one of my favorite authors.

How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

Mo Duval-Wenstein left Mississippi and her life there behind and moved to Alaska. After a broken engagement she decided she needed to put distance between herself and her hippie parents. One day when she went to the Blue Glacier to eat the cook cut his hand and was not able to prepare meals. So, Mo volunteered to help out and thus got herself a job. She met two men Alan a park ranger and Cooper a guide. Mo really wanted her hormones to tell her that Alan was the man for her, but nope they wanted Cooper. Then she found out that Cooper was a werewolf with issues of his own. There were murders happening and people were being attacked and Cooper thought he was doing it in wolf form. Mo, however, did not believe that for a second she knew that Cooper was a good kind man.

This was really a cute book. I've never read anything by this author before and I know I will again. She tells a very good story with just enough description to enhance along the way. It was funny, it was serious and there was sexual tension along the way. Loved both the characters of Mo and Cooper. For paranormal lovers this is a good one.

Her's For The Weekend by Tanya Michaels

Piper has to go home for a family reunion. She needs a date so her mother will get off her back and to put off her ex-fiance Charlie. Piper's good friend Josh says he will be her date. Everyone in Piper's family assumes that they are in love. They have been friends for several years but nothing romantic. Piper thinks that Josh is a ladies man and he knows that she is not looking for a relationship. However, Josh kisses her in her parents kitchen and things turn completely around. When they get back home though, Josh starts treating her differently and Piper is determined to find out why.

Good best friends find romance book. First book I have read by this author and I have to say that I did enjoy it. Lots of funny minor characters including Piper's Nana. Typical category romance but worth the time for a cute warm and fuzzy story.

Feels Like Family by Sherryl Woods

Helen is a divorce attorney. Her two best friends are married with families and she is single. Erik works as a chef for Dana Sue one of Helen's best friends. They have clashed from the beginning but when Helen champions another employee of Dana Sue's things come to a head. Helen decides she wants a baby, but Erik has told her that he does not want to get married again or have children. Erik's wife and child died in childbirth and Erik who was an EMT could not save them. Even so, they begin an affair and Helen gets pregnant. Erik wants to marry Helen but she is dragging her feet.

This one is the last in the Sweet Magnolia series. Usually with trilogies the last book is the best. For me though the second was my favorite. This one was good in it's own right and had a good story. I liked the main characters but the story was not as compelling. Chick lit lovers will like this book.

Dry Ice by Bill Evans and Marianna Jameson

Flint Agro-Chemical has a weather station called TESLA. It helps them regulate the weather on their many crops to aid in production. The facility is headed by Greg Simpson. However, Greg has gone rogue and is working on the side for members of the government. All of this is on the sly and not readily known. Then there is a disaster that Flint can lay at Greg's door and decides it's time to replace him. They hire Tess Beauchamp to come in and lead the team in the Antarctic. Tess and Greg used to word together and are not at all friendly. After being escorted from TESLA, things start happening that no one had anticipated. It seems that Greg was bent on destruction and revenge. For the next few days Tess and everyone at the facility fight endlessly to try and undo the coming damage that Greg has inflicted on the world.

This was a very good book, while not a page turner for me I did enjoy it. The word pictures the authors give of the mass destruction are amazing. The character of Greg Simpson is one that you love to hate, real evil in every sense of the word. Just thinking about the possibility that this scenario could actually play out is frightening. There had to be a lot of research done with all the technical jargon, however it was all very well explained for the layman. Kudos to the authors for a story well told and riveting to the reader.

Dream Mender by Sherryl Woods

Frank Chambers has been burned in a fire. Frank is a woodcarver and it's his hands that have been injured. He does not want to be in the hospital and he does not want therapy. Jennifer Michaels is a therapist assigned to work with Frank. She bullies him and cajoles him into accepting the therapy and helps him regain use of his hands. During his therapy he learns that the reason Jennifer is so compassionate to her patients is that she has scars too. Now he has to figure a way to make Jenny understand that it's not transference that he feels but love and that he can accept her the way she is.

Good story of healing of both Frank and Jenny. Jenny is accepted into his family after having to go through breast cancer surgery by herself. She does not find it easy to trust that Frank will stick with her and not feel revulsion from her scar. Frank needs Jenny to keep pushing him to realize that he will heal and be able to lead a normal life doing what he loves. This book is very touching and will definitely move who ever reads it.

Dating Mr. December by Phillipa Ashley

Emma Tremayne lost her boyfriend and her job in the same day. She found out her boyfriend was having an affair with her boss. She moved to northern England and took a job doing PR with the Bannerdale tourist board. One of her first assignments was to help raise money for a new rescue center. Her proposal was a nude calendar. Most of the men were on board but there was one lone holdout Will Tennant. He thought it would make them a laughing stock but in the end decided to participate. Emma liked Will until she found out he left his fiance at the altar. One of her friends told her not to believe what others were saying and ask Will about it himself. Finally Emma decides to take a chance on Will and then gets a job offer in London. All she wants is for Will to ask her to stay, but he is not sure he can trust another woman.

This was really a cute book and I enjoyed it very much. Since the author is British there was some slang that I was not quite sure of, but it did not detract from the storyline. It reminded me of the movie Calendar Girls with the nude calendar. However, it was a very good feel good romance.

Completely Smitten by Susan Mallery

Haley Foster has run away from home after her broken engagement. She has never been a bad girl and feels like she has missed something. Deciding to go to a bar, Haley is surrounded by men and feeling uncomfortable. U.S. Marshall Kevin Harmon just wants to have a beer and something to eat. But, can not sit by and watch Haley being taken advantage of. She orders a drink and sits with him. After awhile he realizes that the bartender has been giving her doubles. After taking her to her hotel room and waiting out her being sick, Kevin is called to a riot at the prison where he delivered a prisoner earlier in the day. Kevin is shot and Haley makes him the offer to drive him home.

Short fast romance read by Ms. Mallery. Good girl wants bad boy to help her learn to be bad too. Cute storyline with very likeable characters. Easy flow from start to finish. Nice romantic read for romance lovers.

Causing Havoc by Lori Foster

Dean “Havoc” Conor is an extreme fighter. He has decided that he needs to take a little time off. A letter from his past seals the deal. Dean hears from on of his sisters that he has not seen since he was 9 years old. His sisters were raised by their Aunt Lorna and Dean was raised by their Uncle Grover. The first night he is there he meets Eve Lavon his sister Cam's best friend. Through Eve and her parents he gets some insight into what has been happening in his sisters lives. A series of “accidents” casts a bad light on Cam's fiance Roger. But in the end they are all surprised at who wants harm done.

Lots of stuff and storylines going on in this book. However, it was very easy to follow and turned out to be a pretty good book. It's the first in a series called SBC fighters. Both of the main characters were very likeable and strong. Enjoyed the minor characters of Cam, Jacki and Gregor too. The book went pretty fast for me and is a good contemporary romance.

Bravo Unwrapped by Christine Rimmer

B.J. Carlyle is pregnant. She had a one night fling with an old boyfriend named Buck Bravo. L.T., B.J.'s father tells her he wants an article about Buck for the Christmas issue of their magazine Alpha. Buck agrees, his only condition is B.J. She must write the article and spend two weeks with him. Having agreed to his condition they set out for Buck's hometown where they stay at his mother B & B. Buck overhears her tell his brother's girlfriend Glory that she is pregnant. The whole time they are together he keeps waiting for her to tell him. Then her father has a heart attack and she must work that much more. Finally Buck tells her that he knows about the baby and had been waiting for her to tell him. Obviously her father and job mean more to her than him or the baby and he walks out of her life.

Very good category romance. Really liked the storyline and the character of B. J. She is a very strong willed and capable woman. Buck is the typical alpha male like the main male lead in all series romances. They have great chemistry and in the end everything works out for them. Really like the Bravo series and still have several more to go.

Bound for Murder by Laura Child

Carmela Bertrand made place cards for the engagement party of Jamie and Wren. However, before the dinner could be served Carmela and restaurant owner Quigg find Jamie dead in Quigg's office. Wren's cousin Gabby asks Carmela to look into the murder and also to help Wren cope with the business she now owns. Between her almost ex sister in law pressuring Carmela to have Wren sell the inventory of the bookstore to a client of her's to Jamie's business partner Blaine trying to take advantage of Wren, Carmela has her work cut out for her.

This is another good cozy mystery by Ms. Child. A lot of the same characters are in this book as they were in the first two. It's like visiting old friends when each book starts. Good description of New Orleans and life there, plus all the scrapbooking tips and recipes that are included make this a very enjoyable read.

All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Toni Davis is trying to prove vampires are real. Her friend Sabrina was attached my Malcontent vampires and so was she. A good vamp saved her and now Toni is working as a daytime guard of the good guys. Ian MacPhie wants a true love and he wants her to be a vamp like him. As soon as Toni and Ian meet sparks fly and both vow to keep the other safe as they deal with Sabrina's uncle and the Malcontent vampires. Of course then they have to deal with her being a mortal woman and him a vampire.

This is the first book I have read by this author. I seem to be on a werewolf and vampire kick lately. But, I have to say that I really enjoyed this book. It made me want to read the others in this series and hopefully they will all be as good. Had to love the good vamps and hate the bad ones in this. Plus a shapeshifter was thrown in for good measure. Very good paranormal romance.

A Whole New Light by Sandra Brown

A Whole New Light by Sandra Brown

Cyn is discontent with her life and doesn't know why. She lost her husband two years ago and her mother moved in with her and her son when her father died. Her mother and her best friend Worth have been telling Cyn she needs to get on with her life. Worth was supposed to go to Mexico with a friend and now he has two tickets and needs a companion. He convinces Cyn to go with him and their relationship is changed forever. Cyn has to learn how to leave the past behind and embrace the future.

This is an old book of Sandra Brown's from when she wrote category romances. Good storyline of friends becoming lovers. It's a very easy read and typical of the genre. Vintage Brown with a good storyline and likeable characters.

A Slice of Heaven by Sherryl Woods

Dana Sue and Ronnie Sullivan are divorced. She threw him out when he cheated on her in a one night stand. Now their daughter Annie is suffering from anorexia and passes out when she was having a sleep over. Dana has to call Ronnie and tell him about Annie. He tells her he is coming home whether she likes it or not. After he arrives and they unite to help Annie, Ronnie tells Dana Sue that he is staying in Serenity and that he plans for them to remarry. Dana is very confused by this Ronnie and has trouble trying to deal with not only him but with the health crisis of their daughter.

The middle of the Sweet Magnolia trilogy. This book was much deeper than the first in that it dealt with the issue of anorexia. Both Dana and Ronnie not only had to find their way back to each other but they had to deal with their daughter almost dying. This one really pulled at the heartstrings and was a very compelling read. It did go fast for me and I really enjoyed this book.

A Bravo's Honor by Christine Rimmer

Mercy Cabrera and Luke Bravo fall in love. But, they have a problem since their families are bitter enemies. They have been that way for many years. Mercy's sister Elena and Luke's brother Caleb tell them that the fight is not theirs and they should just be together. Mercy is worried about what her parents will say and finds out when her mother begs her to break it off with Luke. Luke is confronted by his father and told in no uncertain terms to let Mercy go. Both of their respective parents are hiding a secret that they do not want out. Mercy and Luke decide for themselves that they are getting married and no one will stand in their way.

This was one of the better Bravo books I think. It was not just the typical romance but had secrets not associated directly with the main characters. It seemed everything would blow up when the affair between their parents was revealed but true love in the end as they say won out.

A Bravo Christmas Reunion by Christine Rimmer

Hayley Bravo is pregnant. She left her job and her boss Marcus Reid when she found out she was expecting his child. Hayley knew in his heart that Marcus was still carrying a torch for his ex-wife Adriana. When Marcus goes to visit Hayley he is shocked to find her in the family way and when he realizes that the baby is his he tries to convince her to marry him. Hayley asks him for two weeks of just the two of them. But, Jenny Reid decided to make her apprearance early. Then Marcus was getting calls from his ex that he was not telling Hayley about. When Adriana shows up on the newlyweds doorstep Hayley leaves to go back home and wait to see what Marcus does.

It's seems that all the Bravo books I have been reading lately are girl gets pregnant and guy tries to talk her into getting married. While they are all ok reads and fast they are pretty predictable. Each book adds new Bravos to the family and glimpses of others from past books. There were no lags in the book and it read easily. It's a good fluff book if that's what you want to read.

Blowing Embers by Lauri J. Owen

Kiera is one of the Governors of alternate Fairbanks and a fire mage. She rules with Lazlo her husband and former slave and Marco who is like a brother to Kiera. Lazlo and Kiera are raising her nephew Alex whose father murdered his mother Kiera's sister. Vrishka, a water mage wants to rule all of alternate Alaska and sends conditions of surrender to Kiera and the other governors. After receiving them Hunter, Alex's father attacks Kiera and vows to kill her and get his son back. They hear of an attack by Vrishka and Lazlo leads their soldiers to fight. However, he is captured and Chanda the man that Vrishka would replace Kiera with tells her that Lazlo is gone. At first she believes that he is dead but after awhile she remembers that they are all about deception. Now, Kiera has to fight not only Hunter but keep her people free and release her husband from captivity.

To me an excellent book grabs you in the first few sentences and takes you on wild ride. This book fell short for me. I had a very hard time getting into the story and it took until about a third of way through the second part before it became a page turner. Wish the glossary would have been in the front for easier access and familiarization before the start of the book. Maybe if I had read the first book things would have made more sense to me. The cover is nice though and fits I think. Sci-fi lovers will most likely enjoy this book. For me though it was just ok.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wolf at the Door by Christine Warren

Sullivan Quinn and a European delegation have come to New York to talk to the Other's council there. They want to impress on them the need for the Unveiling of their kind. Before the meeting however, Quinn has an encounter with Cassidy Poe. He recognizes her as his mate, but their first meeting is not spectacular. A little while later they are in the council meeting together and the Felix asks them to work together to find out of the cult Light of Truth is really setting up a cell in his city. They came to light after the kidnapping and killing of a vampire's mistress in Russia and the governor of New York's daughter was in an accident. Cassie and Quinn are thrown together because of their investigation and not only do they uncover information but the sparks fly.

This is the first book that I have read by this author. I liked it so much that I ordered four more of her books. There is suspense along with romance and it's a page turner, or at least it was for me. Loved both the characters of Cassie and Quinn. Quinn being Irish you could hear the brogue in his dialogue. If you like paranormals this is a very good read.

Sun Kissed by Catherine Anderson

Samantha Harrigan can not stand to see a horse abused. She sees a drunk and jumps in to make him stop. Tucker Coulter hears a ruckus and goes to see what's happening. He too, goes after the drunk and both Samantha and Tucker are arrested. Then one of Sam's horses gets sick and she calls Tucker, who is a vet to come and check him out. They learn that not only the one horse but another has been poisoned. All of Sam's family feels it's her ex husband Steve that is doing it. Then a third horse and her colt are poisoned and die. Then Sam comes under attack for poisoning her horses for money. Tucker stands by her side through it all. The family hires a P.I. He finds out that it was an inside job.

Tucker is the last of the Coulter family to marry. No matter what he is going to stand by Sam. It's nice to see old fashioned values portrayed in a contemporary book. That doesn't happen all the time. Another romantic easy read by a very good author.

Tempting by Susan Mallery

Dani Buchanan has learned that she is not a Buchanan at all. Her mother had an affair and she is the result. She decides to search out her father and learn if he knew about her. Alex Canfield will do anything to protect his mother and father. Alex along with his seven siblings were adopted by Katherine and Mark Canfield. With his father looking to run for president, Alex is very suspicious when Dani shows up claiming to be Mark's biological child. Dani's track record with men has not been the greatest and she vows to stay away from Alex. Then the press get a hold of the information about Dani and it's all about making Mark look good. This throws Dani and Alex together for strategy meetings and the sparks fly. Alex sees that Dani really cares about his parents and his siblings, not like his ex wife Fiona. Fiona does not want to give up Alex and tries to get between the pair along with Alex's mother.

The last Buchanan book and one of the better ones. A look into politics and what people will do to spin a scandal. Dani is a very strong woman and Alex is a very strong man. The familial loyalty both of them have is lovely to see. No lagging in this book either, the story just unfolds from beginning to end. Another good contemporary romance.

Sizzling by Susan Mallery

Lori Johnson is a nurse and trying to earn extra money. She wants to spend the last few months of her sister's life with her. She takes the job of caring for Gloria Buchanan, after being hired by her grandson Reid. Lori is not impressed with Reid and tells him quite often that she thinks he is useless. Reid finds out that his manager has not been doing his job and kids have been let down by their hero. Reid was a professional baseball player who left the game when he blew out his shoulder. Deciding that he needs to do something to make a difference Reid decides to start a foundation and wants Lori on the board to keep him grounded. He also makes a plea for organ donors in the case of her sister Madeline. Reid blames himself when Madeline dies on the operating table and when he asks Lori if she wants to be alone leaves. Lori always knew that he would not stick it out with her, but maybe she is wrong.

The third in the Buchanan series and this one like the others is totally different. Loved the whole donor aspect of the book, bringing awareness to that great cause. There are changes in three characters throughout this book Lori, Reid and Reid's grandmother Gloria. The changes are interesting to watch and how others relate to the new personages. Very good contemporary romance by one of the best.

Scrooge and the Single Girl by Christine Rimmer

Will Bravo is not a fan of the Christmas season. Throughout his life bad things have happened around the holidays. So, he closes himself up in his grandmother's cabin to wait out the end of the year. Jillian Diamond needs to get away and write some of her columns. Caitlin Bravo, Will's mother, offers her the use of her mother's cabin in the woods. Both Will and Jilly are surprised that they are not the lone occupant of the cabin. They are snowed in and Jilly helps Will deal with his holiday issues while falling in love with him.

Good storyline with the added bonus of Will's grandmother's and his dead fiance's ghosts. At first Will and Jilly can't stand each other. But she is a sympathetic ear and he is right there taking care of her when she gets hurt. Loved the character of Will, Cade and Aaron's mother Caitlin. Nice romance with the final member of the Triple Threat getting her man.

No Alibi by Valerie Hansen

Julie Ann and Smith both receive a jury summons. They are both picked to serve on a jury for a murder trail. When Julie Ann was in high school her brother Ben asked Smith to take her to her prom. Julie Ann thought that he asked because he liked her and was embarrassed to learn that he was only doing her brother a favor. They have become tentative friends in the years since. Then they are thrown together on a jury. Things start happening to jurors, one is hit by a truck, there are gun shots fired into Julia Ann's place of business and Smith is shot in the shoulder. Deciding not to sit around and wait for something else to happen Julie Ann and Smith start investigating themselves. They find not only the killer and the reason for the crime but a future with each other.

Good storyline with a bit of suspense to it. Julie Ann and Smith are both likeable characters. Smith being a typical alpha male. Julie Ann shows a lot of backbone and surprises Smith at every turn. Their faith is strong and they call on it throughout the book. Nice balance of description and dialogue. Very fast and very easy read.

Mystical Warrior by Janet Chapman

Fiona Gregor has come from the 11th century to the 21st. She died and was changed into a red tailed hawk. As such she kept an eye on her brothers. But Mac Oceanus changed her back to a woman. Trace Huntsman is trying to adjust to civilian life after being in the military. His friend Kenzie Gregor rents the second story apartment in his house for his sister Fiona. He asks Trace to keep an eye on her. Mac Oceanus shows up one day injured with demons hot on his tail and asks Trace for refuge. As Fiona and her friend Gabriella nurse to two men back to health, Fiona organizes Trace's house. He tells her and anyone else who will listen that he does not want a wife. That is until Mac's father kidnaps her so she can marry his son.

This is the third book in the Midnight Bay series. Fiona changes from a frightened woman into one of courage and strength. Trace who is fighting demons of his own in the memories of his father and a woman he cared for who died wants only to be left alone. Two very strong characters with sparks flying from beginning to end. Love this time travel series. The books are each quite unique in their own ways. There are no slow points in the story and the whole thing just flows from beginning to end. Good romance and an easy read.

Mercury Rising by Christine Rimmer

Jane Elliott can not stop watching her new neighbor Cade Bravo. Cade is also watching her and one day decides to confront Jane and ask her out. Jane gives him a definite no. She had been married to one bad boy and does not need another in her well ordered life. She lets down her guard and she and Cade become lovers. When he asks her to go out to eat with him she can not say yes. Cade leaves and is gone for quite awhile. In that time, Jane thinks over their relationship and comes to the conclusion that she loves Cade and doesn't care what others think. Her mother tries to derail the relationship, but Jane will not let Cade go.

Nice good girl and bad boy storyline. Each of the main characters are dealing with their own issues. Realizing that they need each other to get through them. Jane is very strong willed when she makes up her mind. She will go after what she wants. Nice balance of dialogue and description throughout. Another feel good romance.

Irresistible by Susan Mallery

Elissa Towers is a single mom who just wants a quiet life and to take care of her daughter Zoe. Walker Buchanan has spent 15 years in the Marines and is now home. Not sure what he wants to do with his life. The one thing he does know is that he needs to find his buddy Ben's girl Ashley to give her a letter he wrote after Ben lost his life. Neither Elissa or Walker want a relationship and do their best to avoid one. But somehow they become involved in each other's life. Walker takes over the family business when his grandmother has a heart attack and breaks her hip. He is not happy about it, but makes changes for the better. He also vows to keep Elissa and Zoe safe from Zoe's drug addict father.

The second book in Ms. Mallery's Buchanan series. This one deals with survival and what each of the main characters did to survive. Elissa is reunited with her family after having run away when she was 17. There are issues that each side has to deal with. Walker is trying to fit into civilian life again and feeling his way. They come together with passion first that grows through the book. This one pulls at your heartstrings. Can't help feeling sorrow for both Elissa and Walker in what they have gone through. The book just flows from beginning to end and there are no slow spots. A good contemporary romance.

His Executive Sweetheart by Christine Rimmer

Celia is in love with her boss Aaron Bravo. Aaron however does not know she is alive, well he does he just doesn't see her as a woman. Celia's friends give her suggestions to tell him how she feels and to make herself over. She does decide that honesty is the best policy and tells Aaron of her feelings. He, however, tells her there is no chance for them. So, she decides the makeover is the next step. When Aaron sees her he can't believe the change. Their affair starts and Celia winds up pregnant. She tells Aaron who right away accepts her marriage proposal. But then Celia has second thoughts.

The first of the sons of Caitlin Bravo books by Ms. Rimmer. Cute story with everything you could want. Boy has girl, boy loses girl, and boy gets girl back. Both of the main characters are strong in their own way. The story flowed well from beginning to end. Nice feel good read.

Fifty ways to say I'm Pregnant by Christine Rimmer

Starr Bravo has been in a love/hate relationship with Beau Tisdale since she was 16 years old. Home for the summer Starr learns a few things about Beau and decides to put the hate part aside. She proposes that they just have a summer fling to which Beau agrees. All Beau wants is to work for his boss Daniel Hart and one day have a place of his own. Starr has a new job in New York to use her journalism degree. Before the end of the summer though Starr learns she is pregnant and some how the perfect opportunity to tell Beau never arises. He wants to keep their deal that when summer is over so are they.

Cute category romance by Ms. Rimmer. Pretty predictable all the way through but enjoyable none the less. They are recurring characters from the book Practically Married the story of Starr's father and her stepmother. This is a very fast and easy read.

Delicious by Susan Mallery

Penny Jackson is a chef and a very good one. Her ex-husband Cal Buchanan wants to hire her to work in one of his families restaurants. Penny and Cal divorced because he told her that he didn't want children and she did. Cal's grandmother always thought Penny was beneath Cal socially and was not happy when Cal hired her. There were many secrets in Cal's family and also in their marriage. Penny did not want Cal to know she was pregnant when he hired her. She later learns that Cal has a daughter she knew nothing about. Just as they were finding their way back to each other, secrets are revealed that can tear them apart.

I'm a big fan of Susan Mallery and she did not disappoint me with this book. A look into the inner workings of restaurant kitchen and the business itself. Both Penny and Cal have baggage both from before their marriage and in the interim. All Cal's siblings are introduced in the book and each has their own story. There is romance and betrayal and then happily ever after. Excellent book for romance lovers.

Blue Moon by Lori Handeland

Jessie McQuade is a cop and likes her life the way it is. However, she is called to the scene of a crime and her life will never be the same. In the course of the investigation she meets Will Cadotte a professor. She takes an icon found at the scene to him for information. Will is an Indian and from the wolf clan. He tells her what he knows and gives the totem back. Edward Mandenauer comes to help kill the rabid wolves that are invading Jessie's town. He takes her into his confidence and tells her that they are not mere wolves but werewolves. Jessie then begins to think that Will is one too and that he is only with her to get information. Little does Jessie know that the people she is closest to are not what they seem.

This is the first book I have read by Ms. Handeland. I will definitely be reading more. She tells a very good story with lots of information thrown in. Jessie is a very strong character but with some self esteem issues. Will wants someone to care for him because of more than his good looks. It's a romance but so much more. Very good read, fast and easy for me.

Beg for Mercy by Jami Alden

Megan Flynn was in love with Detective Cole Williams. That was until he arrested her brother for a murder he did not commit. Now Sean is on death row with execution imminent. Megan is still trying to find out what happened at Sean's house the night Evangeline Gordon was murdered. She keeps getting in the way of other investigations that Cole is involved with thinking there might be a link to her brother's case. Finally Sean is put on suspension for giving Megan confidential information on previous cases. Both Megan and Cole are attacked and Cole decides that he is not leaving her side because she is in danger from someone. Even though Sean has told her there will be no more appeals with time running out Megan is determined with Cole's help to find out what really happened and who set her brother up.

A good page turner with lots of suspense going on. Nice balance of dialogue and description throughout the book. There were no slow parts the story just flowed from beginning to end. Megan is a very strong woman who will not let anything stand in her way of helping her brother. Cole is also very strong minded and strong willed who is a go by the book cop. There is a lot of sexual tension and good chemistry between the characters. Loved the cover of this one. Ms. Alden tells a compelling story and one that is very enjoyable. For lovers of romantic suspense this is worth your time.

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Tough Customer by Sandra Brown

Berry Malone has a stalker. He came in her mother's lake house and shot a friend and co-worker of Berry's. Her mother decided they needed to call in a P.I., namely the father that Berry never knew. Dodge Hanley arrives and along with deputy Ski Nyland set out to find Oren Starks and bring him to justice. Berry figures out that Dodge is her father and confronts her mother who says he was the love of her life. Ski, although drawn to Berry, is not convinced at first that she is innocent. But as more things happen he changes his mind and he and Dodge form an alliance to keep Berry safe.

This book kind of goes along with Smash Cut. A few of the same characters are in each book namely Dodge, his boss and his boss' wife. Lots of chemistry flying in this one between Berry and Ski and her mother Caroline and Dodge. This was a real page turner with a surprising twist at the end. Highly recommend this book.

The Wolven by Deborah LeBlanc

Shauna Mac Donald is the Keeper of the were's in New Orleans. Danyon Stone is the alpha of the East Bank Wolven's. They become aquainted again after two of Danyon's pack are brutally murdered. Shauna wants to be involved in all aspects of the investigation and Danyon is against that. She is human and he does not think she can handle what they will see or find out. Shauna is adament about helping Danyon. Their attraction for each other blazes as they set out to find who is behind these murders and why.

This is the third book in the Keeper series and the only one written my Ms. LeBlanc. Set in New Orleans during Mardi Gras the underworld comes together in search of a killer. It's an easy read but not what I would call a page turner. Still I did enjoy it in the end and am looking forward to reading the first two books about Shauna's sisters.

Taken by Lilith Saintcrow

Sophie is hiding out and trying to start a new life after her divorce. Mark her millionaire ex abused her and made sure that she got nothing in the divorce. One night Sophie's friend Lucy says they are going out to a club, Sophie needs to get back in the dating swing. After awhile a group of people come in and one of the men talks to Sophie, she feel uncomfortable. Looking around for Lucy she doesn't see her anywhere and goes outside to find her. She hears a scream and sees Lucy being killed by a vampire, they the man at the bar and the rest of his group come out. They are Carcajou, what Sophie has heard are werewolves. One of theirs is also killed and the new leader Zach spirits Sophie away because he says she is their shaman. From then on they try to find out who is out to kill Sophie, because they learn that she was one of the intended targets along with Lucy.

Different kind of werewolf story but interesting. Besides the wolves there are also werebears and vampires mentioned in the book. It kept my interest through the whole thing and for me another fast and easy read. If you like paranormals this is a good one.

The Perfect Wife by Shari MacDonald

Felicia Salinger Kelly's husband left her for another woman when she was pregnant with their third child. Brody Collins is the editor of a tabloid magazine. Fee and Brody knew each other in high school when they both worked on the school's paper. They meet again at Fee's sister Lucy's wedding, when Brody is there to cover it for his magazine. As they are talking Fee says she is going to have to hire help. Brody tells her that he knows a lot about kids, which she mistakenly takes to mean that he is a childcare worker. She hires Brody to watch her children while she looks for a job and until she can find someone permanent. Brody calls his partner Adam at Child's Play magazine and asks him to hire Fee. Before long Fee finds out that Brody has been deceiving her all along and gives him the boot. Fee finally decides to give Brody a chance to explain.

This is the last Salinger sisters book. They are all very clean, sweet romances. This one like the others was very entertaining and a fast and easy read. I was sorry to see this one end and may have to find more by this author.

Love on the Run by Shari MacDonald

Catherine Salinger is now the acting head of Salinger and Associates advertising agency. They are in contention for a big account. Her sister Daphne is the creative influence on the account. The day they arrived to give their presentation they run into Jonas Riley, the son of their father's former partner. Jonas' father ran out on their father and almost ruined his business in the process. Jonas had chosen his father over his feelings for Cat and she had never forgiven either Jonas or his father. A few days after the presentation Cat learns that Daphne is in love with Jonas' brother Elliott and they have eloped. Cat decides to put a stop to it and Jonas is right there watching her.

Cute romance wrapped up in love and betrayal. Catherine learns a lot about herself in her quest to stop Daphne and Elliott's wedding. She also learns that the chemistry between her and Jonas never died. A very fast and easy read for the romantic at heart.

Hidden in Shadows by Hope White

Krista Yates returns from a mission trip to find her house ransacked. DEA agent Luke McIntyre is gunning for a drug dealer named Garcia. He has been tipped off that Garcia's men are after Krista. Garcia killed Luke's partner and he is not going to let anything happen to Krista. He begins looking into all her friends lives to see if anything had changed for them recently. Krista finds a dead mouse and a threatening note at work. Her car driven by her friend Natalie is involved in a hit and run. Finally Luke and Krista decide to bring everything to a head, but are they ready for what they will find out.

This is a series romantic suspense. The story flowed well and it's a really fast read. Good storyline and strong characters especially Krista. She is not going to be a victim and wants everyone to know she can take care of herself. Luke is a typical alpha male, they do have good chemistry throughout the book. Very easy and fast read.

Realm of Shadows by Shannon Drake

Tara Adair is in France to help her cousin what their Grandfather. When she gets there he asks her to check out a dig at a church. Tara goes and asks questions of the professor in charge. After the professor walks her out she sneaks back in and one of the workers hears her. When he leaves to escort her out the man he was working with opens the crypt and evil kills him. Brent tells Tara to go home and not say a word about what she has seen. He says he will go and report it to the police. The next night Tara and her cousin Ann decide to go out to a club. Brent is there with his friends Lucian and Jade, who had arrived from America. Brent tries to convince Tara that her Grandfather is right and there are powers and forces that she does not know about. Tara is not ready to believe until they find that her cousin has been bitten by a vampire. Tara is afraid that Brent is a vampire too. He is not but his friend Lucian is and also another American that Ann met and is watching over her, Rick is. Brent it turns out is a werewolf and he and his friends vow to end the evil.

Each book in this series just keeps getting better. It was a pretty fast read for me because I kept turning the pages to see what was happening. Nice to see a werewolf as the hero, in the other books it was the vampires. There was a bit of French history in this one too. I thought it was a very good book.

Eyewall by H. W. "Buzz" Bernard

This book is three intertwined stories in one. Nicholas Obermeyer sees that a hurricane deemed a cat one is really intensifying rapidly and warns the residents of southeast Georgia. A colleague Sherrie Willis stands with him in the face of outrage by his boss.
The Grant family is vacationing on St. Simon's island. Trish thinks they should leave in view of the hurricane approaching, but Alan says they have plenty of time to make it to safety. However, they did not know that their daughter Sandy snuck out to see a boy and now they have to search for her. This puts them in jeopardy because they are unable to leave the island before the hurricane hits.
A team of hurricane hunters led by Arlen Walker do not know just how bad the storm is until they fly into it. It's so intense that they loose part of one wing and damage two of their four engines. They think there is no way they are going to come out alive, but Nick Obermeyer has an idea and it's conveyed to the pilot.

Not really a mystery per se, but a page turner none the less. This was very interesting to me because St. Simon's island is not that far from where I live. Written by a retired meteorologist who worked for The Weather Channel, his expertise shows through the whole book. I really enjoyed this book.

Deep Midnight by Shannon Drake

Jordan Riley lost her fiance Steven. He was a cop and was killed in the line of duty. It's been a year and Jordan's cousin Jared and his wife Cindy invite her to go to Carnivale in Venice. The first party they go to is at a client of Jared's house. Jordan get separated and winds up where she should not be and sees horrible murders. The police come and can not find anything out of order. Ragnor, a man Jordan meets at the party gets her out of there. From then on he shadows Jordan to keep her safe. Everyone thinks Jordan is in mourning for Steven, but if she is she wonders how she can have feelings for Ragnor. They find out that Steven faked his death and with Ragnor's old girlfriend are the evil forces in Venice. With the help of Ragnor's friends they put an end to it.

This is the third book in the series. Each book while basically the same theme are each very individual. Granted the characters from each book show up in each succeeding book but they are not the main focus of the story. Jordan and Ragnor start out antagonistically but the chemistry between them will not be denied. Very good book and a fast and easy read for me. Vampire lovers will enjoy this series.

Bright Eyes by Catherine Anderson

Natalie Patterson is a single mom. After her divorce she moved in with her father, grandfather and sister. Her ex hid all his assets and made it look like he had nothing so the court awarded him half of Natalie's supper club. Her daughter Rosie never really knew her daddy, but her son Chad is having a hard time dealing with his father's neglect. As a cry for help, Chad vandalizes their neighbor's house, shed and garden. Zeke Coulter is a confirmed bachelor. He gets home one day to put up tomatoes from his garden and sees a kid running away. When he gets outside he sees all the damage around his place and follows Chad home. Since Natalie does not have the money to make restitution Zeke tells her that Chad will have to work off his debt. In the meantime, Natalie's ex is murdered and she becomes the chief suspect. Then accidents start happening to her and Zeke vows to find out what is going and on and keep Natalie and the children safe.

I think this is the third Coulter book that I have read and each one just gets better. While yes it's technically a romance there are very good core values throughout the book. You can't help but love Zeke and his family. Natalie's family is a little quirky but fun. The chemistry is there throughout the book. Natalie is trying to be a very strong woman and Zeke is a typical alpha male, so there are lots of sparks. Easy read and very enjoyable.

A Match Made in Heaven by Shari MacDonald

Lucy Salinger runs a dating service. Campbell Howard's sister decides that her brother needs to be married. So, she goes to Lucy's service and tries to sign her brother up. In the course of the conversation Alex let's slip that Cam needs to be married by his birthday in order to inherit a lot of money from their father. Lucy tells Alex that she can not help her brother. That is until she meets Cam and falls for him herself. However, she tries to pair Cam up with some candidates that she has waiting to find their match. Lucy is afraid that Cam is in it for the wrong reasons and it's all about the money.

Very cute story and a fast and easy read. This is the second book in the series and I liked it better than the first. Lucy is a funny quirky character and Cam is the model alpha male. They work well off each other which makes the story that much better.

My Sunshine by Catherine Anderson

Life changed for Laura Townsend five years ago when she was in a diving accident. She is now brain damaged and is making ends meet by walking dogs, cleaning houses and doing ironing. Isaiah Coulter along with his twin brother Tucker have an animal clinic. Isaiah's mother asks him to interview Laura for a job. He is taken with her beauty and also her compassion for the animals and her fellow employees. There is one person at the clinic who is not enamored of Laura though and starts undermining her with pranks when she is on duty. She swears she is innocent and finally Isaiah believes her when the security alarm people show him that someone else has been clocking me when Laura has night duty. Laura moves in with Isaiah when there are 13 puppies that need taking care of because their mother died. It's while she is living with him that drugs are found in the trunk of her car and the police are called in. Laura decides that she is not the one for him and leaves his house and his employ.

This whole series is very good. Each book is better than the last. In this one Laura deals with aphasia, a form of brain damage that leaves her unable to do some simple tasks like writing and see words and numbers clearly. She just wants to have a normal life and be treated as anyone else. Isaiah gives her the chance to have a real job. Neither one is looking for romance but it finds them anyway. This is another easy read with a very good storyline.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

When Darkness Falls by Shannon Drake

Jade took a trip to Scotland and one night took a tour of a cemetary. Lucian knew that the guide was up to no good and kept an eye on Jade. Sure enough Darian and Sophia killed just about everyone in the tour group. Lucian got Jade out and saved her life. After she got home again, Jade heard of brutal killing and recognized one of the names as another survivor of the tour group. One by one the survivors were being killed off. Lucian shows up in Jade's hometown of New Orleans and says he will keep her safe. He will not tell her about himself but his friend Maggie tells Jade that they are dealing with vampires and Lucian is one.

Second book in the series by Ms. Drake. Another page turner for me, had to keep reading to see what was going to happen. I liked Lucian in the first book and was glad that he got his own story. I can't wait to get the next one and read it.

Beneath a Blood Red Moon by Shannon Drake

Maggie Montgomery is implicated in a murder in New Orleans. Sean Canady is the detective in charge of the case. Maggie is a vampire, but does not tell Sean at first. Through flashbacks Maggie's life as Magdalena, Megan, Meg and M. Montgomery is revealed. Her nemesis is Aaron Carter, he has been after Maggie for as long as she can remember. He wants her for his own and she spurned him. Now prostitutes and a pimp have been viciously murdered and blood drop led to the door of Maggie's business. She has to make Sean believe what she is so together they can stop the monster that Aaron has become.

This is the first book I have read by Shannon Drake. Once I started it, I could not put it down for long. I had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen. Very good chemistry between Maggie and Sean. Also liked the minor characters of her employees, Sean's father, and his partner Jack. A pretty fast and easy read all the way around. If you are a fan of vampire novels this is a good one.

The 9th Judgement by James Patterson

Lindsay Boxer and crew are back. This time they are after the Lipstick Killer, Hello Kitty cat burglar and an actor's wife's murderer. All three cases are linked in some way. The cat burglar robbed actor Marcus Dowling the night his wife was killed. The Lipstick Killer is the husband of the cat burglar's girlfriend. Lindsay her partner Rich and all her friends sift through all the information and are surprised by what they find out in the end.

As with all Patterson's books this is a very fast read. Not as good as some of the other Women's Murder Club books but still keeps your interest till the end. It's always nice to see what characters you have been following are up to since the last book. Patterson is a go to read for me.

Keepsake Crimes by Laura Child

Carmela is separated from her husband Shamus. One day he walked in and told her he needed some space. Carmela owns a scrapbooking store in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It's Mardi Gras time and there are lots of parades going on. Carmela and her friend Ava decide to go and watch one. They come upon a float and there are lights flashing ahead of them. A body is lifted down from the float and Carmela recognizes the man. Next thing she knows Shamus is brought in for questioning in the death of Jimmy Lee. The police come and question Carmela about Shamus' whereabouts the night of the murder. Finally she has had enough, she investigates the murder herself because she knows that Shamus is innocent.

Cute cozy mystery with all the color and flash of New Orleans. Lots of good minor characters with Ava and Gabby and the rest of the ladies who scrapbook. Easy and fast read for cozy mystery lovers.

Give Him the Slip by Geralyn Dawson

Maddie Kincaid is in trouble, big time. Branch Callahan sent her to a friend for help. Maddie is in possession of illegal mushrooms and wants to turn them in. When she reaches the bayou, she finds Branch's son Luke and not his friend Terry. Luke wants nothing to do with her and believes that his father sent her to lure him back home. After helping her unload the mushrooms, Luke winds up following Maddie home. Her house has been broken into and her life is in danger. Luke vows to find out who is after her and why before he walks out of her life for good.

Wanted to read this book and the next two because I read one of her books written as Emily March. That story is about John the Callahan brother that everyone thinks is dead. If the rest of the books are as good as the two I have read I have found another must author for me. Very good storyline and great hero and heroine. Both of his other brothers were brought into the story as was Maddie's rockstar dad. A pretty fast and easy read.

The Marcelli Princess by Susan Mallery

Mia Marcelli grew up as a brain child with a facility to learn languages with very little effort. After her boyfriend Ian kidnapped Darcy Jensen she decided that she wanted to be a spy. She was not a very good one, since she fell in love with the bad guy. The man she knew as Diego died during her mission and later she learned that she was pregnant with his child. Rafael, Crown Prince of Calandria saw a picture of Mia with her child and knew at once the child was his. His father told him to go and claim the child and bring him back to their county since he was his heir. Mia has a hard time reconciling Rafael with the bad boy Diego that she fell in love with. All Rafael wants is to claim his child and take him home with him. The Marcelli's rally around Mia in an effort to stop Mia's son Danny's father.

Another very quick and easy read. This was the final book in the Marcelli series and I was sorry to see it end. Each story was different but the main theme of family sticking together was in each one. Nice to see Mia change from a flighty girl into a mature woman and wonderful mother.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Seduced by the Wolf by Terry Spear

Cassie Roux is a wolf biologist. She has come to Oregon to talk about wolves and that they are not harmful to humans. They just need to be left alone in the wild. Attending the lecture is Leidolf Wildhaven, he is a rancher in the area. On her way to the lecture Cassie runs across a rare red wolf and pups. After the lecture she wants to get back to them but Leidolf has different ideas. They go out to dinner and when he takes her back to the B & B, she sneaks out to find the wolf. Little does Leidolf know that Cassie is a werewolf just like him. He finds her injured in the forest and takes her back to his ranch. Leidolf wants Cassie for his mate but she is resistant. She is afraid she will have to give up her research. During all this there is a power struggle forming in Leidolf's pack, plus they have financial problems and pack members that keep getting in trouble.

Got this as a free book on my kindle and have to say I really enjoyed it. I think I will have to look for more by this author. Very good storyline and an interesting look at wolves. Lots of sexual tension between Cassie and Leidolf throughout the whole book. Also thought it was great that she found a family member she thought was dead, her cousin Aimee. The fact that Aimee was found by a member of Leidolf's pack and remained with him was nice too. Very easy read, I was pleasantly surprised.

The Marcelli Bride by Susan Mallery

Darcy Jensen was kidnapped while shopping in the mall. She is the President's daughter and her security team messed up. Joe Larson is a Navy SEAL and his team inadvertently blew up an Admiral's boat. The Secret Service decide that until the kidnappers are caught they will move both of the President's daughters to safe houses. Darcy is sent to the Marcelli Winery and Joe is the liaison between
between the security team and the Marcelli family. The Marcelli's want Joe to acknowledge them as his family. His grandparents made his parents give him up for adoption because they said they were too young to marry and raise a child. Joe has issues with this. Darcy has always felt like she was the undesirable daughter always living in her sister Lauren's shadow.

This is the fourth book in the series. Their time at the winery was a learning experience for both Darcy and Joe. The family accepted Darcy into their ranks as soon as they met her. Joe's grandfather gave Darcy her first paying job as a graphic designer. Darcy does her best to ease the chasm between Joe and his family. Loved the way Darcy and Joe were played off each other in the book. Great to see all the other members of the family and how their own family dynamic had changed since the last book. Very fast and easy read again by Ms. Mallery. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Seductive One by Susan Mallery

Brenna Marcelli walked away from the Marcelli family winery when she married Jeff. After putting Jeff through school he decided he needed a younger wife and left Brenna. She returned home and began working in the winery again. The vines and grapes were in her blood. Her grandfather, however, was not sure she was in it for the long haul and vowed to either sell or leave the winery to her brother whom the family had just found out about. Brenna thought she needed to take her future in hand and went to her first love Nic Giovanni and asked for a loan to start her own label. Nic's and Brenna family had been bitter enemies for years. When Nic asked her to marry him ten years earlier she was afraid how her family would react and said no. Nic gives Brenna the loan but it with ulterior motives he is bound and determined to ruin the Marcelli family.

The third in the Marcelli series by Ms. Mallery. Another fast and easy read, this one really pulls at your heartstrings. It has love, betrayal and a happy ending all in one. The story like the others flows from beginning to end, there are no slow points in the book at all. The introduction of the long lost brother added to the tension. Really enjoyed this book, as I do all her books.

The Sassy One by Susan Mallery

Francesca Marcelli was married at a young age. She did not love her husband and was only eye candy for him. She decided that she did not need a man in her life after his death and went to school to earn a doctorate in psychology. During one of her experiments she meets Sam Reese. They decide to have a friends with benefits relationship. Not long after Sam's daughter Kelly arrives to live with him, a daughter he never knew he had. Now Francesca finds out she is pregnant and hold off telling Sam. The one thing Sam can not abide by is lies and hidden agendas.

The second book in the Marcelli series. Good story and a very easy read. Francesca always felt like she was stupid. She didn't learn as fast as her sisters, but Sam never treated her that way. With a volatile temper, Sam manages to have some tense moments in the book. Love all the by play with the parents and grands in this book too.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Dangerous Pleasure by Carolyn Jewel

Paisley Nichols is happy with her pastry cafe and living in Iskander's garage apartment. She has not had a love life lately and one day customer Rasmus Kessler comes in and asks her to coffee. When she gets home that night she becomes very ill. It seems that Rasmus wants to indwell with Paisley. She tells him she wants nothing to do with him anymore. Several days later she goes home and she and Iskander and Dr. Harsh Marit find that her apartment has been burned and she has lost everything. She moves in with Iskander and finds out that she can release demons that have been captured by witches. Nichodemus, Iskander's boss meets Paisley and asks for her help. He also says that she will be under his protection. Rasmus will not give up and till the end keeps trying to make Paisley his own.

Lots of things going on in this book. Paisley dealing with changes in her life and Iskander coming to terms with his lost love and new love. No lags in the story it flowed seamlessly from beginning to end. For me it was a page turner, could not wait to see what was going to happen in the end. Nice to see a glimpse of Durian and Gray again. Lots of good minor characters in Kynan, Emily, Carson and Nichodemus. Nice cover to the book and fits with the storyline. Ms. Jewel is a great storyteller and a master in her genre. I highly recommend this book.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Sparkling One by Susan Mallery

Katie Marcelli is an organizer and event planner. Zach Stryker is an attorney who needs a charity function put together. Zach hires Katie for the job, but little does Katie know that Zach's son David has just become engaged to her sister Mia. Zach is not happy about the impending nuptials and wants to enlist Katie's help to sabotage the engagement. Zach is a player which Katie recognizes and tells him no way will she help him. However she is not immune to his charm and sexual appeal.

I'm a big fan of Susan Mallery so knew I would not be disappointed in this book. All the characters in the book were great and I look forward to the other four books in the series. Great chemistry between Katie and Zach and loved all the snippy little comments of Katie's about Zach through the book. It was a good story and very well written. Contemporary romance that will deliver a fast and easy read.

The Bravo Bachelor by Christine Rimmer

Gabe Bravo has been sent by his father to try and talk widow Mary Hofstetter into selling her ranch. While Gabe is giving his talk Mary goes into labor three weeks early. Gabe drives Mary to the hospital and stays with her through the birth of her daughter Ginny. Then he stays at the ranch with her until her mother in law returns from visiting her sister. Gabe develops real feelings for Ginny and get his father to back off and find other property for his project. Mary falls deeply in love with Gabe but fears that he will ever want marriage.

Another book in Ms. Rimmer's Bravo Family Ties series. Gabe is a good strong kind man and Mary is an equally strong woman. There is a lot of chemistry between them from the first and builds through the rest of the book. Nice story with Mary helping out the homeless who come to her ranch. And also nice changes in Gabe as he learns that you can do forever. Typical series romance and quite an easy read.

Home Free by Fern Micaels

Maggie Spritzer has been invited to Camp David for Thanksgiving. She will miss the first dinner at Annie da Silva's new farm. The night before Thanksgiving Fergus Duffy shows up at Annie's house. The sisters are sure that Maggie was invited for a reason and the whole time she is there Maggie tries to figure out just what that reason is. While there she meets Gus Sullivan a handicapped veteran that she falls head over heels in love with. Between them all the sisters and Maggie figure out that large sums of money are being diverted from the country's slush funds. With help from Abner Tookus they get the information that will put the bad guys away for a long time. When the caper is done all the sisters announce that they are ready to give up the life of a vigilante and be just normal women leading normal lives.

Another very easy and very fast read. The story like all the other sisterhood books flows flawlessly from beginning to end. Was glad that loose ends were tied up and that there is hope of a new series. Hated to see this one end, I like this series much better than the godmothers. If you are fan of the series you will enjoy this book.

Deja Vu by Fern Michaels

The sisters have been granted their pardons by the President. Now they are trying to deal with being just ordinary citizens again. They are working themselves silly and their relationships with their significant others are shaky. Each of them feels that things are not over because Hank Jellicoe has not been found. The President too wants Jellicoe found and has put the FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security to work on capturing him. She has given them a 30 day time frame. The sisters have a huge file from a past FBI director in their possession and said they would never let it see the light of day. However, they decide that it is now time for them to go through the file and see if there is information that can help them get Hank.

I really love the sisterhood series and am sorry that it is going to end with the next book. This book put some things to rest already. Love the interwoven stories of all the girls. You can't really say there are any minor characters because everyone serves a purpose in the storyline. Was disappointed there was not more of Lizzie and Cosmo. All in all a very fast and easy read. If you love the sisterhood series you will like this book.

And Furthermore by Judi Dench

This book is a commentary by Ms. Dench on the many and varied roles she has played in her life. She talks about stage, film and tv. She talks about different theaters that she has played in and short anecdotes about other actors she has worked with.

The book is told in first person. She talks a little about her parents and brothers also doing theater. One thing that I did not know and learned from the book was that her co star in the tv series A Fine Romance was her real life husband. She touches only a little bit on his illness and death.

Very interesting book if you are a fan of Ms. Dench, and I am. An easy read with a look into the life of a thespian. Very little about her private life mostly the book centers on how she got roles and why she played them. I'm not a fan of non fiction but I did enjoy this book.

When You Dare by Lori Foster

Molly Alexander had been kidnapped and taken to Tijuana, where she was tormented. Dare Macintosh was in Tijuana to rescue his friend Trace's sister Alani who was being held in the same shed as Molly. Seeing Molly there and what shape she was in, Dare took both women to safety. He and Molly realized that she was not being kept for the same reason as Alani. She was not going to be sold, because she was full of bruises. Molly hires Dare to find out who had her kidnapped, so she can get her life back and feel normal again. With Trace's help, Dare compiles information on everyone Molly knows. He looks at her family and her business associates. But, also at the fan mail she receives from writing her novels. They even confront her father with suspicions that he is involved.

Excellent book from beginning to end. Kept me wanting to keep reading and turning pages. Molly is such a strong character and you can't hep but empathize with her and all that she endured. Dare is a true alpha male, but had a much softer side when dealing with Molly and his dogs. The by play between Dare and his assistant Chris was clever and humorous. Having read the second book first I have to say that I enjoyed this one more, even though I did like the second one. Nice cover on the book too. Fans of Ms. Foster will love this book.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ladies Man by Suzanne Brockmann

Ladies Man by Suzanne Brockmann

Ellen and her children are in New York for the summer. Ellen has decided she needs a change in her life. So, she and her children are there to follow the acting bug. In a case of mistaken identity she meets Detective Sam Schaefer. Her Uncle Bob assumes he is his friend T.S. Harrison. Ellen and Sam are caught in a traffic jam for a couple of hours. Sam tells her who he really is and they spend an enjoyable time together. But, after that one night Ellen decides not to see Sam again, since he is almost 10 years her junior. Then Ellen and her family are confronted with a stalker and they can't figure out who he is after. Sam heads the team trying to unravel the mystery, first thinking it was Bob and then Ellen herself he was after. Later they learn it that T. S. Harrison was the intended victim after Sam takes three bullets protecting him and Ellen. In the end Ellen comes to the conclusion that age doesn't matter after all.

Typical series romance, one of the older books by Brockmann. Good plot and a very easy read. Added bonus with minor characters like Ellen's children Jamie and Lydia. Also Uncle Bob, Ron the limo driver and Sam's friend T.S. A look into cattle call's and what actor's go through to get roles in commercials and also soap operas. The book was very entertaining and the story went quickly, no slow spots at all.

A Bride for Jericho Bravo by Christine Rimmer

A Bride for Jericho Bravo by Christine Rimmer

Marnie has been jilted by her boyfriend Mark after living together for years. She decides she can't go home and heads to Texas to her sister Tessa's house. She is welcomed with open arms by Tessa and her husband Ash. The first night she meets Ash's brother Jericho, it is not love at first sight. Later that night she winds up stealing Jericho's chopper. Deciding she needs a job Marnie finds one at a chopper shop and goes to apply. It just so happens it's the shop that Jericho owns with his partner Gus. Gus is all for hiring Marnie, but Jericho says no. Finally he gives in and goes to see Marnie, they talk and he hires her temporarily. The attraction between Jericho and Marnie sizzles but they tell each other they only want a fling. When it's time to leave Jericho breaks it off and then Mark arrives.

I've read a couple of other's in this series and this one to is a nice easy read. It's lighthearted, funny in places with a lot of sizzle thrown in. Marnie wants to show that she has her spark back and Jericho wants his family to see him as something other than their ex con son and brother. Gus is the big champion for both Marnie and Jericho. He is the catalyst that brings them together. Very good series romance.

Southern Comfort by Fern Michaels

Southern Comfort by Fern Michaels

Tick Kelly lost his family to senseless murder. He left his old life behind and started writing books after several years of being drunk. He moved to one of the Keys off Florida. Kate Rush has quit her job with the DEA. She and her boss did not get along and she was tired of him taking all the credit for everyone else's work. Something is going on on Mango Key where Tick is living. Kate and her ex colleague Sandra go to check things out and watch a house at the end of the Key. Tick has also noticed things are not right at the house and when his brother Pete comes to visit they decide to check it out too. For Tick it's once a cop always a cop. Little do either the brothers or the girls know but the girls old boss is also down on Mango Key to find out what is really happening there.

Very fast very easy read like most of Michaels' books. The book flowed ok for me and took no time to read. Wish she would have explored the relationship between all the primary characters a little bit better though. Absolutely loved the bird!!! If you are a fan of Michaels then this is right up your alley.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Angel's Rest by Emily March

Angel's Rest by Emily March

Nic Sullivan was betrayed by her husband and her best friend and business partner. She came home to Eternity Springs to start over. Since there was no doctor in town residents came to Nic for help, although her primary patients were animals since she is a veterinarian. Gabe Callahan has lost his family in a terrible tragic accident. He feels guilt about their deaths and has thoughts of suicide. The town of Eternity Springs is dying, the town needs something to bring in money. Celeste Blessing has a plan to save the town. She wants to build a healing center and hires Gabe to over see it. After one night of passion Nic finds herself expecting Gabe's child. The question is can Gabe let go of his family to start over with Nic.

Enjoyed this book very much. It's a pretty fast read and there was nothing lacking in the story. It flowed from the first with underlying hints of stories to come. A great cast of characters with Nic, Gabe and all Nic's friends. Of course there is also Gabe's dog Clarence who saved him. Ms. March's writing style is comparable to Debbie Macomber and Mariah Stewart. If you like their style you will like this book.