Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Married to a Trial Liar by Sophia Moreau and Barbara Sheldon

Mia Picarde decided early in life that she would not go hungry and always have a roof over her head. When hearing her parents arguing about money Mia went to her brother Danny and asked him to see if she could work at the sandwich shop that he worked at. Her boss Doug Goldman took a shine to her and they started an affair. When Mia became pregnant, they married. Doug blamed Mia for everything that was wrong in his life and when he abused her she left with the children. The divorce attorney that she saw was Dave Grossman. He cajoled Mia into a sense of tranquility and asked her to marry him. The marriage was worse than her first. Dave was continually abusive but with six children she was afraid to leave. She worked hard all her life and finally one day had enough and filed for divorce. The divorce was continually put on hold after Dave lied to the court about this or that. Then every year on Mia's birthday another girl was murdered with a red tie. Mia and Dave's mistress put two and two together and feared that Dave was the killer. Now Mia just has to find a way to prove it and be rid of him forever.

This book was a very quick read. There is some romance, some coming of age and some murder thrown in along with abusive behavior by two of Mia's husbands. While descriptive in what was done to Mia and others it was not overly graphic which was nice. I would have liked a little more background into Luca's meeting and subsequent relationship with Mia. From beginning to end it was a page turner for me and a very enjoyable read.

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