Monday, October 24, 2011

After Midnight by Sarah Grimm

Isabeau Montgomery is the proprietor of a bar. One night she was playing the piano after hours when in walked Noah Clark. Noah was the lead singer of a band called Black Phoenix and they are trying to make a comeback. Isabeau was a child star pianist, but stopped playing after she and her mother were in an accident and her mother lost her life. Her father battled for custody with her step father and won, the only reason she wanted her was to make money off her talent. So, Isa decided it was better not to love music. Noah and his band rented space for a studio down the road from Isa's bar. He could not believe how talented she was and went about trying to get her back into playing. But, at what cost would it come with. Isa is afraid it will destroy her instead of giving her back her life.

Instant chemistry from the beginning between Isa and Noah. Each comes to the relationship with baggage and each wants to help the other get over theirs. Story was very easy to follow from beginning to end with just the right mix of description and dialogue. Enjoyed some of the minor characters like Dominic. Ms. Grimm weaves a captivating story and keeps you wanting to keep reading to see where her characters lead her. Loved the cover of the book and think it fits very well. A book very worth picking up and reading.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Heartstrings and Diamond Rings by Jane Graves

Alison Carter wants what her friends have a husband, children and a home of her own. Brandon Scott needs money fast. He has inherited his grandmother's house, as long as he wants to live there and her Matchmaking business. Alison thinks her boyfriend Randy is going to propose, instead he asks her if she would consider a threesome with one of her friends. She then decides that she has lousy taste and needs help finding a man. Alison makes an appointment with Brandon and enlists his help finding her soul mate. Brandon tries to match her with four guys. They look good on paper but none of them fit Alison's ideal man. That could be because she has fallen for Brandon but she does not know that he is not going to stick around. Brandon is out of there as soon as he makes enough money to invest in a real estate deal with his friend Tom.

Cute storyline with an inept matchmaker trying to find a sweet girl next door her ideal man. Somehow he stumbles upon mates for several clients, all except Alison. Several good minor characters including Alison's best friend Heather, her co-worker Lois and her father. Good chemistry between the main characters. There were no lags in the story at all, flowed well from beginning to end. It has a good balance between description and dialogue. This is a real feel good chick lit book and I highly recommend it. Jane Graves has become a new author for me to read.

Home Sweet Home by Bella Riley

Andi Powell is going back home to Emerald Lake. She could not wait to leave the small town behind after graduating. Now, her biggest client wants to build condos in her hometown. Going home however, means seeing Nate Duncan her first love. Nate has been raising his sister Madison since the deaths of their parents. He knew that Andi wanted bright lights and a big city, so he pushed her away when he became responsible for his sister. Nate is now the mayor of Emeral Lake and like several other long time residents is opposed to Andi's plan. After Andi arrives her grandmother takes ill and Andi is left running the family business Lake Yarns. She begins to question decisions she has made in her life and starts to think that maybe she can find happiness afterall.

Truly a very cute book, I enjoyed this one very much. Loved all the different characters and how their lives are interwoven. Andi a type A personality questions what she has believed all her life. She and her mother come to a new understanding. Nate a true alpha male with a very sensitive side. By the pictures the author creates you can actually picture this small town and it's residents. There is a lot of chemistry and history between Andi and Nate and that keeps the book flowing from beginning to end. Definitely worth reading if you are a chick lit fan. I will be looking for more books from this author in the future.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Don't Mess With Texas by Christie Craig

Nikki Hunt agrees to meet her ex Jack for lunch. She has a feeling that he is going to ask her to get back together. As soon as she sees him, Nikki knows that there is no way that is going to happen, even though Nikki is in dire need of money that Jack could supply. While they are eating Jack gets a phone call and leaves the restaurant and doesn't return. Nikki is furious that he stiffed her with the check and mutters that she wants to kill him. Not feeling well Nikki stops at a store to get something for her stomach. Then is sees that Jack is dead in the trunk of her car. Dallas O'Connor is a P.I. Then Nikki loses her lunch on first his shoes and then his shirt. He decides that maybe she isn't and vows to take her case. His brother Tony, the detective on the case is trying to reconcile with his wife.

Very cute book, I loved it. Nikki is kind of kooky but sweet. She wants to take care of herself but finds that she needs help in this instance. Dallas is a take control kind of guy who went to jail for a crime he did not commit. His mission in life is to see that no one who is innocent suffers what he did. Liked the sub story of Tony and LeAnn. Also all the quirky friends of Nikki's grandmother. This was a very easy reading book and I love the cover for it. I highly recommend this one.