Thursday, October 6, 2011

Home Sweet Home by Bella Riley

Andi Powell is going back home to Emerald Lake. She could not wait to leave the small town behind after graduating. Now, her biggest client wants to build condos in her hometown. Going home however, means seeing Nate Duncan her first love. Nate has been raising his sister Madison since the deaths of their parents. He knew that Andi wanted bright lights and a big city, so he pushed her away when he became responsible for his sister. Nate is now the mayor of Emeral Lake and like several other long time residents is opposed to Andi's plan. After Andi arrives her grandmother takes ill and Andi is left running the family business Lake Yarns. She begins to question decisions she has made in her life and starts to think that maybe she can find happiness afterall.

Truly a very cute book, I enjoyed this one very much. Loved all the different characters and how their lives are interwoven. Andi a type A personality questions what she has believed all her life. She and her mother come to a new understanding. Nate a true alpha male with a very sensitive side. By the pictures the author creates you can actually picture this small town and it's residents. There is a lot of chemistry and history between Andi and Nate and that keeps the book flowing from beginning to end. Definitely worth reading if you are a chick lit fan. I will be looking for more books from this author in the future.

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