Friday, July 10, 2009

Love's First Light

i just read a really great book called "love's first light" by jamie carie. i'm really not a fan of historical fiction but this one grabs you from page one. it's set during the french revolution and follows the love story of christophe st. laurent and scarlett robespierre.
christophe thinks he has lost all of his family and meets scarlett after she is widowed and great with child. after falling in love with her, he finds out that she is related to his enemy robespierre. robespierre had his family killed.
christophe is reunited with the sister he thought was dead through scarlett.
even during the trying times of the revolution they had faith that God would bring them through and they would be together. oh, they had their trials and tribulations along the way but that's what made the book interesting.
i'm looking forward to reading more by this author.