Friday, October 26, 2012

Kidnapped by Maria Hammarblad

Patricia sees a man standing in the middle of the road and swerves to avoid him. She wrecks her car and wakes up on an alien spaceship as a prisoner of Travis 152. Travis thinks she has some connection to rebel leader William. After a few days he realizes that she is innocent of any wrong doing, however, the Supreme Commander wants her brought in to face her. Travis is a very hard man that has always done what the Alliance wanted with no questions asked. That is until he falls under Patricia's spell. Now he only wants to make her happy and keep her safe. When he asks William to take care of her he agrees, but Patricia knows that the Alliance has captured Travis and she sets out to free him. Travis is glad to see her but angry that she has put herself in harm's way. Now they have to survive in order to get back to Earth. Patricia is the kind of character that you just have to like. She is sweet and compassionate to her captor Travis. It's not long before she falls for him. Travis does a complete 180 after he meets Patricia. He knows he has done bad things but only wants to keep her safe now. Supreme Commander Veronica is the kind of character that you just love to hate. She along with William and his crew a great minor players in the story. Slow at the beginning but then it took off and was one twist and turn after another. This book takes the reader through a wild ride in space. The author gives a glimpse into what could be there beyond the stars. Quite an enjoyable read on a lazy afternoon.

Kaleidoscope by Blanche Marriott

Georgios Andros has lost his passion for music. He feels that something is missing from his life. Janeen Warner is trying to get her business off to a good start and design kaleidoscopes that will be in demand. One day Georgios comes into Janeen's store Chatter Box looking for a gift for his mother. He commissions Janeen to make a one of a kind kaleidoscope for his mother for Mother's Day. After getting to know her, Georgios wants nothing more than to help her achieve success. Janeen though wants to make it on her own with no help at all. Georgios shows some of her work to friends of his and one buyer calls her. She is going to decline the offer knowing that he interfered but the buyer tells her it was her design that won him over. Georgios goes back to composing and even writes a song for Janeen. Janeen finally decides that it is not such a bad thing that Georgios wanted to help her. Janeen is very headstrong and gets insulted every time that Georgios wants to help her. Georgios loves her and just wants to make her life easier and can't understand what he does that makes her so angry with him. Each of them are hard headed in their own way but what flows out of this book is a beautiful love story. The reader can't help but feel pain for both Janeen and Georgios as they find their way to each other. This book is a wonderfully romantic tale that just makes you feel good after reading it. Very quick, easy and entertaining read.

Lost Girl by Anne Francis Scott

Allison Weathers is starting a new life in Dawson Mills. She bought a big old house and wanted to fix it up. She hired Paul Bradford to do the work on it. But before work could start Allison started getting strange feelings in the house. She confided to Paul who told her that he had seen something as a child that had stayed with him all his life. Allison tells Paul that she is trying to find out what happened to her mother. One day in town she meets Toni Harper who works at the local newspaper. She confides to Toni that she is looking into what happened to her mother and mentions that she has seen the spirit of a young boy and a dog. The boy warns her that a bad man is watching her and to be careful. Toni tells her that she would like Allison to meet her niece who has special abilities. Before they can get together though Allison is kidnapped and Paul, Toni, her niece and a reluctant sheriff have to find her before the bad man can hurt her. Allison had a hard time dealing with her husband's death. When she sees his spirit her father has her committed to a mental hospital. Now she just wants to take control of her life, but when she starts hearing things and seeing things she thinks she is going insane. Paul has been living with the knowledge that he saw a little girl years ago and she just disappeared. He believes that Allison is sensitive to the spirits and wants to help her figure out what is going on. Toni, was in a relationship with the sheriff Ray but he could not accept that her niece had special abilities. Toni, however, believes everything that Allison tells her. This is the kind of book that just builds and builds from the start. It grabs a hold of you and does not let go until it's finished. Lots of suspense and tension that will keep the heart thumping from beginning to end. The author has an excellent mix of mystery and paranormal activity to deliver an excellent book. Well worth the time to read this one.

His Brother's Baby by Blanche Marriott

David Rutland has always cleaned up his twin brother Damien's messes. So, when Gabriella Santori calls upset looking for Damien. When Damien leaves town instead of meeting Gabriella, David meets her instead. There is a ice storm and after David takes her home someone wrecks Damien's car that he is driving. He stays at Gabriella and one thing leads to another. Several months later she calls looking for Damien again to tell him that she is expecting. She is about to be evicted from her apartment and David talks to his parents and they invite her to move in with them. David had fallen completely in love with her, but fears she wants his brother. When David confesses she thinks she will not be able to trust him, but then they figure out that the baby is indeed David's and not Damien's as they thought. David is the good brother while Damien is the playboy that continually gets in trouble. David has spent his whole life cleaning up after his brother. Then he meets Gabriella and feels he is competing yet again with his twin. He wants her to forget about his brother and concentrate on him. Gabriella not having grown up with her biological father feels that Damien should have a chance to know his child. Even though she has feelings for David she is strong in her conviction. Very fast and very easy read, a sweet romance that just makes you feel good in the end. The perfect book to read in a short period of time.

All My Tomorrows by Collette Saucier

Alice's job is writing for the soap opera All My Tomorrows. Peter wants out of his contract on a prime time drama. The deal he got is to appear for a limited time on Alice's soap. She is less than enthusiastic when Peter, his agent Jack and girlfriend Winnie show up for filming. Alice has all kinds of misconceptions where Peter is concerned. He leaves to film a movie in which Alice's friend Eileen is in too. However, when Eileen invites Alice to come on location she fails to tell her that Peter will be there too. One night after getting very drunk Alice tells Peter just what she thinks of him and the next morning he sets her straight about some of things she said. After they finally have a night together another crisis on the show tears them apart, but Peter's reaction during the crisis shows Alice just the kind of man he is and that he is the kind of man she wants. Alice is very headstrong and believes what she is told about Peter. Peter never bothered to refute any of the stories told about him until it began to matter with Alice. So many things were getting in the way of Alice's happily ever after. Finally they needed a little help from their friends to find their way back to each other. Loved the story within the story too, as Alice reads a book that had been her mother's. Ms. Saucier tells a wonderful love story with a sensual flare that warms the heart. Romance at it's best delivered on a silver platter.

Heaven in your Eyes by Lori Leger

Annie's brother Red is married to Drake's sister Tiffany. The first time they met they gave each other false names. After that Drake was determined to make Annie his. However, Annie was not of like mind. Then on New Year's Eve Annie is attacked in the parking lot of her brother's club. Drake finds her and get her away from there. They realize later that Annie told her attacker that Red was her brother and he had a way of finding her. He told her that this time they would find no evidence in his truck. Drake decided that Annie needed protection and moved in with her. He tried over and over to convince Annie that he loved her but she would have no part of it. Then she is attacked and Drake gets hurt, finally she comes to realize just what he means to her. This is the fourth book in Ms. Leger's Fleur de Love series. Both Annie and Drake were in Brown Eyed Girl, Red and Tiffany's story. Annie is trying to be independent, she does not want to depend on or love anyone. She had been hurt when she was a teenager and also took her own life. Drake was nothing if not persistent and would not give up on her. Loved that Chad and Julia's story was resolved at the end. The best part about series books is revisiting characters as if they are old friends and that's just they way these books are. The stories that Ms. Leger tells give a little suspense and a lot of love they totally captivate the reader. No better way to spend an afternoon than curled up with one of this author's books.

Way Out West by Blanche Marriott

Callie has made a lot of bad choices in her life when it came to men. On the run from her biker boyfriend she takes a job as a saloon girl in Way Out West. When she misses the coach to the town she meets Rand who gives her a ride. Rand too, has had a hard time finding the woman. After his divorce, the women he dated only wanted him for his money and what he could give them. He keeps his true identity from Callie. As he had hoped she fell for the man and not the name or what he has. Then Tyler Thornton shows up in Way Out West. Rand knows he is up to no good and begins to research him. He is the brother of a man that Rand had fired. When Rand leaves to put an end to Kyle Thornton's interference in Way Out West, Tyler kidnaps Callie and forces her to help him with the brothers plan. Callie is not impressed with Way Out West but she does not want to be a quitter again and vows to see her month through. Rand loves Way Out West because it's the one place that he feels like he can be himself. Only a select few people know that he owns the town and he wants to keep it that way. From the beginning there is a spark between Callie and Rand. Their whole courtship is a throwback to old west times. A sweet romance that just makes you feel good after reading it. Fast easy read and definitely worth the time.