Friday, October 26, 2012

Heaven in your Eyes by Lori Leger

Annie's brother Red is married to Drake's sister Tiffany. The first time they met they gave each other false names. After that Drake was determined to make Annie his. However, Annie was not of like mind. Then on New Year's Eve Annie is attacked in the parking lot of her brother's club. Drake finds her and get her away from there. They realize later that Annie told her attacker that Red was her brother and he had a way of finding her. He told her that this time they would find no evidence in his truck. Drake decided that Annie needed protection and moved in with her. He tried over and over to convince Annie that he loved her but she would have no part of it. Then she is attacked and Drake gets hurt, finally she comes to realize just what he means to her. This is the fourth book in Ms. Leger's Fleur de Love series. Both Annie and Drake were in Brown Eyed Girl, Red and Tiffany's story. Annie is trying to be independent, she does not want to depend on or love anyone. She had been hurt when she was a teenager and also took her own life. Drake was nothing if not persistent and would not give up on her. Loved that Chad and Julia's story was resolved at the end. The best part about series books is revisiting characters as if they are old friends and that's just they way these books are. The stories that Ms. Leger tells give a little suspense and a lot of love they totally captivate the reader. No better way to spend an afternoon than curled up with one of this author's books.

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