Friday, October 26, 2012

Price of Justice by Alan Brenham

Dani Mueller was Karla Engel in another life. Her daughter was raped and brutally murdered. The man who killed her was found not guilty and let go. Dani took matters into her own hands and ended the man's life. Now his family is out to get her. They terrorized her so badly that she changed her name and started a new life. Jason Scarsdale's wife was killed in an auto accident. He and his daughter Shannon are learning to live without her. Jason is a cop and is doing his best to end a pedophile ring. Dani now working as an analyst for the police department and Jason begin working on a case together. Informants die and Jason's mother in law slaps him with a custody suit. To top it all off his daughter is kidnapped and a man from Dani's past comes to end her life. To put an end to the pedophile ring Jason and his partner Harris have to bring to light corruption in the police department. There is a lot going on in this book. The heartbreaking death's of Jason's wife and Dani's daughter bring them to a mutual understanding. Not only do they have to deal with stressful work lives, but each of them have to deal with personal stresses too. Jason when he thinks he could lose his daughter and Dani when her past catches up with her. Mr. Brenham tells a story of murder, corruption and overcoming grief. It will keep the reader on the edge of their seat with an action packed plot from beginning to end.

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