Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A House Divided by Sydell Voeller

Rebecca and her daughter Wendy have moved back to Rebecca's hometown. A year earlier her husband was killed by a mentally disturbed fan. Now she is renting the upstairs of the home where she met her husband. The garden of the home was the site of her wedding. The house now belongs to Dr. Mark Simons. He has plans for the house, that was used for the filming of a movie in which Rebecca and her husband met. He wants to tear the house down and rebuild a halfway house on the site. Rebecca is distressed when she learns this and tells Mark that she wants to buy the house and preserve it. Mark declines her offer and goes ahead with his plans. Then he receives a threatening note, a couple of weeks later his dog is poisoned and then the guest house is burned to the ground. Rebecca has feelings for Mark but since he can not commit she decides that she and Wendy will move back to California and start over again. Both of the main characters have issues with their faith. Rebecca has lost her's after the death of her husband and Mark isn't doing things for the glory of God but looking for absolution. Each are flawed but they come together and learn that they need to put their trust in the Lord. The author keeps you guessing throughout the book, since any one of three people could have been behind Mark's troubles. Well written with a good balance between description and dialogue. The journey of Rebecca and Mark coming to true faith is well worth the time to read this book. Christian fiction readers will enjoy this book.

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