Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just Out of Reach by Danette Kriehn

Natalie was beaten and verbally abused by her mother growing up. All she wanted to do was get away and live a normal life. But, when she was 14 her mother's boyfriend almost killed her and did kill her mother. After she recovered Natalie disappeared and moved to Sarasota, where she met a woman named Bernie. Bernie took her in and gave her a sense of safety and peace. After her near death experience Natalie was able to hear voices of those who passed on from violent crimes. There is a killer in Sarasota and Natalie hears from one of the victims. Jacob Riggs is an FBI agent who is taking over the case from the local chief of police. He does not believe in the paranormal but feels an attraction to Natalie. He reluctantly agrees to work with her and they determines that the murders are somehow connected to her past. Natalie is a very strong determined character. She is also very sensitive to her patients and those who contact her from beyond. Jake is dealing with not only the murders in the present time but is haunted by the murder of his sister when she was a teenager. He is not into the paranormal at all. This book is romantic suspense at it's best. The story is effortless from beginning to end, with just enough sexual tension to spice it up. It's a fast and easy read that will keep the reader at the edge of their seat as they try to figure out just who done it. Very well written book and worth the time to read it.

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