Friday, October 26, 2012

His Brother's Baby by Blanche Marriott

David Rutland has always cleaned up his twin brother Damien's messes. So, when Gabriella Santori calls upset looking for Damien. When Damien leaves town instead of meeting Gabriella, David meets her instead. There is a ice storm and after David takes her home someone wrecks Damien's car that he is driving. He stays at Gabriella and one thing leads to another. Several months later she calls looking for Damien again to tell him that she is expecting. She is about to be evicted from her apartment and David talks to his parents and they invite her to move in with them. David had fallen completely in love with her, but fears she wants his brother. When David confesses she thinks she will not be able to trust him, but then they figure out that the baby is indeed David's and not Damien's as they thought. David is the good brother while Damien is the playboy that continually gets in trouble. David has spent his whole life cleaning up after his brother. Then he meets Gabriella and feels he is competing yet again with his twin. He wants her to forget about his brother and concentrate on him. Gabriella not having grown up with her biological father feels that Damien should have a chance to know his child. Even though she has feelings for David she is strong in her conviction. Very fast and very easy read, a sweet romance that just makes you feel good in the end. The perfect book to read in a short period of time.

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