Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pulse and Prejudice by Collete L. Saucier

Elizabeth Bennet meets William Darcy the same time that her sister Jane meets Charles Bingley. Jane is enamored of Charles but Elizabeth is not so with Mr. Darcy. Between Bingley's sister and Darcy they conspire to end the potential romance between Bingley and Jane. Elizabeth's opinion of Mr. Darcy takes a further plunge when she learns of his interference in her sister's affairs. However, Mr. Darcy offers for Elizabeth's hand and is turned down in an instant. He writes Elizabeth a letter and explains his acquaintance with Wickham, who slandered him to Elizabeth. He also tells her that like Wickham he is a vampire. When next they meet he is afraid that Elizabeth will be frightened of him, which she is not. Wickham then takes off with her sister Lydia and Darcy goes and handles the situation. Not long after he learns from his aunt that Elizabeth still has feelings for him, so he sets out to reunite her sister Jane with Bingley and obtain Elizabeth's good favor. The timeless story of Elizabeth Bennet and William Darcy is told but this time with a twist. There is still antagonism between the two from the first. However, the story is told this time through the eyes of Darcy. How he tries to handle his affliction and his struggle with his affection for Elizabeth. Trusting her with his secret and her ability to keep that secret shows the true love between them. This is a love story like no other and even though it is taken from a classic the integrity of the book is still there just added upon by the author. Her story of vampire-ism flows very well with the rest of the book, almost like it was there from the beginning. The kind of story to curl up with on cold or rainy day, to be lost in the pure enjoyment of a really good book.

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