Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tattoos Leather and Studs by Brenda Whiteside

Rachael's sister Shelly thinks Rachael needs to get back into dating and spice up her life. So, she sets her up with Jason, only telling Rachael that he is in maketing. When Jason arrives at Rachael's he is dressed in leather, studs and tattoos. She immediately thinks he is a bad boy and is not sure that is what she wants. They go to the concert, which she does not care for and through an incident there she is sure that he is a drug dealer. Then the lead singer, comes on to Rachael and she is thinking will the evening ever end. They wind up at the singer's penthouse where Rachael is given champagne laced with something. Jason gets the idea that she wants to stay with Lude but when he goes to leave she gets mad. Finally they talk and set some things straight. Cute little story of a blind date and what can go wrong but ends up right in the end. After seeing Jason at her apartment Rachael has a preconceived idea about him. Unfortunately circumstances on the date seem to concur. It also shows that looks can be deceiving and not in a bad way after all. Liked both of the main characters and it even had a character you would love to hate in Lude. This is a very quick and easy read and could be done in no time. It's a feel good little romance that will just make you sigh when you are done.

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