Friday, October 26, 2012

Loving Again by Peggy Bird

Amanda was wrongly accused of killing her boyfriend Tommy. Detective Sam Richardson believed her and helped her prove her innocence. Now Amanda is moving to Seattle from Portland to accept a residency at the best glass school in the country. They have one night together before she leaves and then because of circumstances they keep missing opportunities to visit. Then Amanda has a show and Sam travels to Seattle to surprise her. When she gets home they begin to see each other regularly, he even introduces her to his sons. Then another glass artist accuses Amanda of stealing his designs. Finally he calls to meet her and discuss a price for him to back off but he and a teacher at Bulleye Resource Center are murdered and the killer tries to set Amanda up. She tries to distance herself from Sam and deliberately keeps things from him. Then she is going to pay off the killer to keep Sam safe and everything comes to a head. Amanda is afraid that Sam will get in trouble at work because of her and omits things when they talk. Sam just wants to keep Amanda safe and out of harms way. When Sam is removed from the case his partner steps in and know that Amanda is not telling all. Very good storyline with steamy romance, some mystery and a bit of murder to keep the reader's interest all the way through. A good book to curl up with and spend an afternoon lost in it's pages.

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