Friday, November 4, 2011

Revealing Eden by Victoria Foyt

Eden is a Pearl, the lowest of the low in her civilization. She and her father work for Ronson Bramford. Eden's supervisor her by telling her that a report Eden did was not sent to her. Bramford hears and tells Eden she must stay in her quarters. There is no love lost between Eden and Bramford. Her friend Jamal tells Eden it's ok to go out and he would meet her at a club. Jamal does not show up and Eden is cornered by two men of the resistance. Bramford comes to her rescue but they are both taken captive. Eden's father is working on a project and needed people for guinea pigs. Bramford tells him to use the serum on him and then he takes both Eden and her father to a remote destination to keep them safe. There Eden sees another side of Bramford and learns about his earlier life. She has to decide if she can accept Bramford as he is now and if she wants to be like him.

Eden and her father are not close though she wishes they were. So, when Jamal paid attention to her she lapped it up. She did not realize that he just wanted something from her. Bramford on the other hand, tried to keep her safe and she fought him all the way. There was a lot of sexual tension between them throughout the book. Was not sure at first if I was going to like it, but once I got into the story it grabbed me and didn't let go.