Monday, October 18, 2010

Endangered by Mary Helen & Shuford Smith

Melanie Parker Evans lost her husband, son and parents in an automobile accident that left her in a coma. After dealing with doctors and therapists Melanie decides to go to the island off the Georgia coast that her family owns. Her brother Ashley is not happy about her decision to visit their aunt Patrice. Upon arriving Melanie meets a developer that is interested in buying and developing the family island. She then meets a researcher that her family has been funding in a desalination project. Before long the study group that comes to the island to watch the loggerhead turtles arrive. Melanie decides to go out with the study group and help them with their research of the loggerheads. She and Patrice spend time reading the old family journals. Melanie also gets reacquainted with one of her childhood friends. Before leaving New York, Melanie had been mugged. Not long after coming to the island her co-op apartment was robbed. Then, during a fire she is knocked unconscious. She begins to believe that someone is trying to kill her. When she voices her concern to researcher Grant and the Fish and Game warden, they don't seem to take her seriously. But to Melanie's mind too many things happened, and when she sees a suspicious shrimping boat she decides she can't be too careful.

This was a very interesting book in that it is set not far from where I live. I enjoyed reading about the loggerhead turtles and they way they are researched and watched. The story is very good and keeps your interest until the very end. There are several other underlying stories too. Reading about the Gullah culture was very informative and seeing their part written in their words was a plus. There had to be a lot of research done to put this book together and it was worth the effort.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul

Cora Crowder is a new Christian and searching for the true meaning of Christmas. One day she stops in at a quaint bookstore to find a gift for her uncle. While she is making her purchase Simon Derrick, her bosses boss walks in. He is in search of a Christmas gift for a co-worker and a new book to read to his sister. When Cora gets home she starts to look at the book and out falls a ticket to the Wizard's Christmas ball. Cora thinks nothing of it and tosses the ticket aside. When Simon gets home he starts to read his sister the book he bought for her. A ticket to the Wizard's ball falls out of the book. Sandy, Simon's sister is thrilled and wants to go to the ball. Simon, however, can not find out where to get another ticket. At work Cora has a breakdown in Simon's office, she tells him she is not going to the ball and he can have her ticket for Sands. Simon tells her that Sandy wants a kitten for Christmas and Cora tells him that she can pick from one of the kittins her cat just had. Sandy and Cora strike up a friendship. Cora and Simon keep running into each other and finally he asks her to accompany Sandy and himself to the ball. Cora's apartment gets robbed and she is sure it was her sister. Simon tells her to give her sister the benefit of the doubt, but Cora knows how Zee works. She is very disappointed that Simon does not take her side and tells him that she will not go to the ball.

It was interesting to read about the characters of Cora and Simon each on a different level of their walk with Christ. Cora having been raised in a home of non-Christians and Simon being raised in a house of believers. Their reactions to different situations emphasized the their personal relationships with the Lord. I loved the minor characters of the sisters that owned the costume shop and the wizards that owned the bookstore. Cora's reaction to Simon's sister and family was also endearing. The imagery of the ball and the dresses that Cora and Sandy wore was pure fairy tale. This book was a very enjoyable and easy read. It was one of my favorite books I have read this year.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer

This book is all about retraining your mind to think positively. Joyce Meyer gives 12 power thoughts to help in this task. From the first one I can do whatever I need to do in life through Christ to the final one I keep God first in my life, each is backed up with scripture and biblical principles. Satan throws arrows to our mind everyday and with the help of this book we can learn to fight off those darts and live victoriously. She talks repeatedly about meditating on each thought until it becomes ingrained in our daily lives. Taking each thought and concentrating on it for a week is a great idea. I also personally like the idea of writing them and sticking the notes all over the house as a reminder.

After listening to the book, it really makes you think about where your minds goes during the day. Joyce Meyer's book is filled with stories of how everyday people overcome Satan's arrows. It gives hope to be able to turn our thinking around to where God wants us to be. The scriptural references are very helpful with each thought. Think about it, really makes you take notice of what she is saying. I enjoyed listening to this book and recommend it to anyone as a tool in their everyday life.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Edge of Sight by Roxanne St. Claire

Samantha Fairchild has witnessed a murder at the restaurant where she works. The killer thinks she saw him and he is after her. Sam texts her friend Vivi to see if she can go and talk to her. Vivi works at a newspaper and Sam thinks she might have some information that Sam can use. Unknowingly Sam is texting with Vivi's brother Zach, who she had an affair with before he left for Kuwaitt. Zach broke Sam's heart when he did not contact her after he left and because of that Sam and Vivi's friendship suffered. She goes to meet Vivi and finds Zach instead. When Vivi gets home she tells Sam and she and her brother are forming a company that will be investigating and also provide protection for their clients. She decides that Sam will be their first client and Zach will be her bodyguard. Before this is all over, Vivi and Zach's cousins wind up involved with the company. Zach vows to Sam that he will keep her safe but Sam wonders if her heart can take being left by Zach again.

This book was pretty fast paced, you have to keep reading to find out what is going to happen. There are a lot of minor characters too. They enhanced the book and did not detract from the story. What I liked was that she did not keep repeating herself in the description. Most of it was new and fresh and did not bog down the story. The characters were interesting and the story gripped me from the first. To me that is what a good book is all about. I had never read a book by this particular author before, but will definitely look for more of her writing. Her writing style just made the book flow from beginning to the end.