Monday, October 11, 2010

Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer

This book is all about retraining your mind to think positively. Joyce Meyer gives 12 power thoughts to help in this task. From the first one I can do whatever I need to do in life through Christ to the final one I keep God first in my life, each is backed up with scripture and biblical principles. Satan throws arrows to our mind everyday and with the help of this book we can learn to fight off those darts and live victoriously. She talks repeatedly about meditating on each thought until it becomes ingrained in our daily lives. Taking each thought and concentrating on it for a week is a great idea. I also personally like the idea of writing them and sticking the notes all over the house as a reminder.

After listening to the book, it really makes you think about where your minds goes during the day. Joyce Meyer's book is filled with stories of how everyday people overcome Satan's arrows. It gives hope to be able to turn our thinking around to where God wants us to be. The scriptural references are very helpful with each thought. Think about it, really makes you take notice of what she is saying. I enjoyed listening to this book and recommend it to anyone as a tool in their everyday life.

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