Saturday, October 2, 2010

Edge of Sight by Roxanne St. Claire

Samantha Fairchild has witnessed a murder at the restaurant where she works. The killer thinks she saw him and he is after her. Sam texts her friend Vivi to see if she can go and talk to her. Vivi works at a newspaper and Sam thinks she might have some information that Sam can use. Unknowingly Sam is texting with Vivi's brother Zach, who she had an affair with before he left for Kuwaitt. Zach broke Sam's heart when he did not contact her after he left and because of that Sam and Vivi's friendship suffered. She goes to meet Vivi and finds Zach instead. When Vivi gets home she tells Sam and she and her brother are forming a company that will be investigating and also provide protection for their clients. She decides that Sam will be their first client and Zach will be her bodyguard. Before this is all over, Vivi and Zach's cousins wind up involved with the company. Zach vows to Sam that he will keep her safe but Sam wonders if her heart can take being left by Zach again.

This book was pretty fast paced, you have to keep reading to find out what is going to happen. There are a lot of minor characters too. They enhanced the book and did not detract from the story. What I liked was that she did not keep repeating herself in the description. Most of it was new and fresh and did not bog down the story. The characters were interesting and the story gripped me from the first. To me that is what a good book is all about. I had never read a book by this particular author before, but will definitely look for more of her writing. Her writing style just made the book flow from beginning to the end.

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