Monday, October 18, 2010

Endangered by Mary Helen & Shuford Smith

Melanie Parker Evans lost her husband, son and parents in an automobile accident that left her in a coma. After dealing with doctors and therapists Melanie decides to go to the island off the Georgia coast that her family owns. Her brother Ashley is not happy about her decision to visit their aunt Patrice. Upon arriving Melanie meets a developer that is interested in buying and developing the family island. She then meets a researcher that her family has been funding in a desalination project. Before long the study group that comes to the island to watch the loggerhead turtles arrive. Melanie decides to go out with the study group and help them with their research of the loggerheads. She and Patrice spend time reading the old family journals. Melanie also gets reacquainted with one of her childhood friends. Before leaving New York, Melanie had been mugged. Not long after coming to the island her co-op apartment was robbed. Then, during a fire she is knocked unconscious. She begins to believe that someone is trying to kill her. When she voices her concern to researcher Grant and the Fish and Game warden, they don't seem to take her seriously. But to Melanie's mind too many things happened, and when she sees a suspicious shrimping boat she decides she can't be too careful.

This was a very interesting book in that it is set not far from where I live. I enjoyed reading about the loggerhead turtles and they way they are researched and watched. The story is very good and keeps your interest until the very end. There are several other underlying stories too. Reading about the Gullah culture was very informative and seeing their part written in their words was a plus. There had to be a lot of research done to put this book together and it was worth the effort.

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