Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nightinglale Way by Emily March

This is the latest in Emily March's Eternity Springs books. The story is about Jack Davenport and his ex wife Catherine. When Catherine is threatened Jack kidnaps her and takes her to his home. During their time together they set to rest things that tore them apart. I love this series of books. Not only do you meet new characters but you get to visit old friends. Each book in the series is unique, as this one is. Ms. March's writing style just flows through the storyline. It's a book that once you start reading it you just don't want to put it down. The story envelops you and does not let go until the last line is read. I anxiously await new books in this series.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Once ask me anything not Love by Mian Moshin Zia

Why would an author not want to write about love? Well, in this case because he had never experienced the feeling first hand. Morkel decides after writing his last book to go to Kiev and it's there he meets Maya. After meeting her a book takes form in his mind. This was an interesting read. I really enjoyed the descriptions of Kiev, someplace that I know I will never visit. Seeing through Morkel's eyes the first stirrings of love is unique. Filled with new emotions and some dishonesty, Morkel finally tells Maya the truth as he is leaving. Then comes heartbreak and dealing with everything that went on between them. Enjoyed the minor characters and reading their advice. This book shows that not every love story has to have a traditional happy ending. There are different endings for everyone.