Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kill Shot by Anne Patrick

Kory's sister Callie is killed in what police say is a hit and run. Kory, however, believes that her sister was beaten to death. She goes to the old campground that her grandfather sold and takes a cabin with the intent of finding her sister's killer. She meets her investigator at the warehouse she is trying to sell. When she arrives she finds he has been shot and someone is still there and trying to kill her. Sean Harding is the sheriff and looking into the shooting at the warehouse. He finally gets Kory to talk to him and they set out together to find out who killed Callie and also wants Kory dead. Through all of this Kory is dealing with PTSD, from her years in the service and her tours of duty overseas. Will God's help she is trying to get her life back in order. Very strong female lead in Kory. She wants to do everything herself and has a hard time accepting help. This book gives insight into PTSD and what veteran's have to deal with in becoming and civilian again. The flashbacks Kory has show war at it's ugliest but also show another side of the people who inhabit the countries where she went. Sean is also a very strong character who wants to keep Kory safe. He does all he can to make sure she will be alright when the traumatic time is over. Each of them come to faith from different angles. Sean know's that God is who helps him through his days. Kory has to learn that even though she turned her back on God, He was still there for her. Well written Christian fiction, with a very good storyline. This book is a very good read.

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