Friday, September 28, 2012

The Chief's Proposal by Sandra Dailey

Ginny Dearing wants to be a teacher. She has the education but no job. Brett Silverfeather is the sheriff of Three Trees and finds Ginny's ad on the internet. He contacts her about a job at the local high school. Ginny is very interested, but then Brett adds that he would like to marry her too. It seems he is up for election and his opponent is making remarks about Brett's not being married. Ginny takes the job and accepts Brett's proposal, then moves to Three Trees. Ginny wonders how she will fit into her husband's life and what kind of teacher she will be. Brett can not understand his new wife and the things she does like getting arrested for a concealed weapon and also getting into a bar brawl. Then Brett and Ginny take in two troubled teens whose parents have turned their backs on them. Through ups and downs they find a way to make their family work. Ginny and Brett come together not out of love but out of desperation. Ginny for a job and Brett because of his job. This book is a pretty fast read and very enjoyable. It shows the struggle of two strangers getting married within a week and learning to make a life together. The plot is very good and has just the right mix of dialogue and description to keep the reader going. The characters are interesting and very believable as are the situations they find themselves in. Highly recommend this book as a very good romance read and will be looking for more by this author.

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