Friday, September 28, 2012

Perigee Moon by Lynn Schneider

Kate has been controlling Luke since they were kids. She decided when they would date, when he would pin her and when they would get engaged. Then when he did not set a date, she took matters into her own hands and became pregnant. Kate loved to live beyond their means and finally after buying their second house she decided to become a real estate agent. She started making more money than Luke and used it for her lavish lifestyle not giving a thought to her husband or children. She started staying out late and coming home drunk. After 25 years they began to drift apart and one night Luke was out looking at the Perigee Moon and finally decided to take control of his own life. Kate trumped him by telling him she wanted a divorce to marry someone else. 15 years after their divorce both Kate and Luke attend their high school reunion where Luke reconnects with Abby, a girl who had a crush on him and was in a couple of his classes. Kate is livid when she find out they are dating and tries to break them apart. Luke will no longer let Kate control him and wants to live life on his own terms. At first this book was hard to get into, but after the first couple of chapters it grabs hold and doesn't let go. Luke's transformation from passive child to taking hold of his life is worth the read. Kate is the kind of character that you love to hate, but I found myself feeling sorry for her. Abby is sweet and the soul mate that Luke should have been with. Wonderful story and Luke finds himself and realizes there is more to life than money and things. The author weaves a story that is hard to put down and has the reader rooting for Luke to be the man he is supposed to be. This book is an excellent read and I would highly recommend it. It is one that I will reread from time to time.

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