Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Methuselah's Pillar by W.G. Griffiths

Dr. Samantha Conway is an archeologist that specializes in hieroglyphics. John Decker works undercover for the DIA. Tarik is a terrorist that wants to rule the world and is using a virus to get attention. Decker is captured by Tarik when the first swarm of the virus occurs, he was not infected. But when examining the cave where he was kept he and other government agents find part of an ancient pillar. Sam is contacted to see if she can decipher what the artifact says. While working at a government facility her brother is kidnapped and his caregiver is murdered. In order to get her brother back Sam needs to help Tarik with the part of the artifact that he has. Then it's up to Decker to get Sam and her brother Jesse back safely and stop Tarik's madness. This book is a wild ride from beginning to end. It grabs you from the first and does not let go until you are finished. The detailed attention to the virus and how it's constructed was interesting and very believable. Also liked the Biblical references throughout the book. Both the characters of Sam and Decker are very strong, get the job done kind of people. Plus the look into a terrorist's mind set is quite alarming in places. While some of the story was easy to predict the way the author gets you through it keeps the reader going till the story is over. For those who like action books this is a good one.

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