Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Salem's World by T.D. Jones

Salem Richmond's personal life is out of control. She is excellent at running her family's company, but has no idea how to have a personal life. Salem's sister Cassie was in an accident that claimed the lives of their parents when Salem was 25. Cassie was injured and at the age of 30, she thinks she is still 16. Salem goes to Dr. Mark Graves in a last ditch effort to bring her sister back to her. There is an attraction between Salem and Mark immediately. She asks him to spend a month at her family's cabin along with Cassie and try to help her. In the time there she learns a learns what she has to do to make her life more bearable and how to accept Cassie as she is now. Mark is instrumental in helping her find her way. Once I got into the storyline, I really enjoyed this book. Salem dealt with business the way she was taught by her parents with grace. But, she did not have a handle at all when it came to her private life. Very endearing to see how this woman could change from a one night stand destructive lifestyle to one who accepts herself and the hand life has dealt her and her sister. Mark is very strong but also very compassionate as he guides Salem into a new awareness. Could not but love Cassie and feel for her confusion when asked about the past. All three characters were remarkable people in their own right. This is a pull at your heartstrings kind of book and anymore that is a fan of those will definitely like this one.

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