Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vampyre Kisses by Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

Someone has stolen the gem of the werewolves and the gem of the vampires. They know there is a war brewing and so some werewolves and vampires form an alliance to get the gems back. In the middle is Faith a human who learns she is a witch, a vampire Trent whom she falls in love with and Zou Tai a werewolf who has feeling for Faith. Together they much figure out who took the gems and why they were stolen. Faith and Trent go to Gordon who sees that Faith is the answer to what is to come. She finds out that not only was her father in love with a vampire but her mother is a slayer and true evil. Morgan, who was in love with Faith's father and Trent take Faith to someone who can help her come into her powers. She will need all he can teach her for the battle ahead. As a fan of the paranormal genre I was very interested to read this book. The story engrossed me from the first page and didn't let go even at the end. The author painted pictures through the storyline that you could actually see in your mind's eye. “ Faith’s hair blew back while her emerald eyes grew milky. The invisible wind came from Faith, not the earth, and swirled around her like a tornado.” There were several minor characters that were enjoyable like Zou Tai and Gordon. Knowing at the end of the book that there is a next one on the horizon is icing on the cake. Anyone who enjoys paranormals will thoroughly enjoy this book.

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