Friday, September 28, 2012

The Choice by Lorhainne Eckhart

Marcie is a mule for Dan's drug business. She grows the marijuana and now has transported some to New Orleans. Sam a DEA agent's last bust went bad and he was set up with drugs in his locker. He has come home to think things over. In the airport Sam sees Marcie get robbed and thrown to the floor where she hits her head. Sam takes her in when she has a memory loss and he can not turn his back on her. That chance encounter leads them on a quest to bring down the drug ring that Dan is in and that Sam's late wife was involved with. Along the way Marcie learns to break the hold Dan has on her and to listen to her spirit guides. Sam learns that you can't always get the bad guy, you have to trust someone else to do the job and hold on to what's more important. This is a very good storyline. The author did good research in that everything was very detailed. The plot flowed easily from beginning to end. This book held my interest all the way through and that to me is the mark of a wonderful read. The character's were very entertaining and I enjoyed the by play between Marcie and Sam. Good minor characters with Jesse, Diane, Richard, Maggie and Sam's late wife Elise. The end leaves the reader wanting more and a door open to the next story. Anyone who likes romantic suspense will want to read this book.

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