Friday, October 26, 2012

Way Out West by Blanche Marriott

Callie has made a lot of bad choices in her life when it came to men. On the run from her biker boyfriend she takes a job as a saloon girl in Way Out West. When she misses the coach to the town she meets Rand who gives her a ride. Rand too, has had a hard time finding the woman. After his divorce, the women he dated only wanted him for his money and what he could give them. He keeps his true identity from Callie. As he had hoped she fell for the man and not the name or what he has. Then Tyler Thornton shows up in Way Out West. Rand knows he is up to no good and begins to research him. He is the brother of a man that Rand had fired. When Rand leaves to put an end to Kyle Thornton's interference in Way Out West, Tyler kidnaps Callie and forces her to help him with the brothers plan. Callie is not impressed with Way Out West but she does not want to be a quitter again and vows to see her month through. Rand loves Way Out West because it's the one place that he feels like he can be himself. Only a select few people know that he owns the town and he wants to keep it that way. From the beginning there is a spark between Callie and Rand. Their whole courtship is a throwback to old west times. A sweet romance that just makes you feel good after reading it. Fast easy read and definitely worth the time.

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