Friday, October 26, 2012

All My Tomorrows by Collette Saucier

Alice's job is writing for the soap opera All My Tomorrows. Peter wants out of his contract on a prime time drama. The deal he got is to appear for a limited time on Alice's soap. She is less than enthusiastic when Peter, his agent Jack and girlfriend Winnie show up for filming. Alice has all kinds of misconceptions where Peter is concerned. He leaves to film a movie in which Alice's friend Eileen is in too. However, when Eileen invites Alice to come on location she fails to tell her that Peter will be there too. One night after getting very drunk Alice tells Peter just what she thinks of him and the next morning he sets her straight about some of things she said. After they finally have a night together another crisis on the show tears them apart, but Peter's reaction during the crisis shows Alice just the kind of man he is and that he is the kind of man she wants. Alice is very headstrong and believes what she is told about Peter. Peter never bothered to refute any of the stories told about him until it began to matter with Alice. So many things were getting in the way of Alice's happily ever after. Finally they needed a little help from their friends to find their way back to each other. Loved the story within the story too, as Alice reads a book that had been her mother's. Ms. Saucier tells a wonderful love story with a sensual flare that warms the heart. Romance at it's best delivered on a silver platter.

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The Aquablogger said...

This is the kid of review that I like to read. If you're going to endorse the book, make me want to read it, too. You did that. Colette, rightly, is thrilled.