Friday, October 26, 2012

Kaleidoscope by Blanche Marriott

Georgios Andros has lost his passion for music. He feels that something is missing from his life. Janeen Warner is trying to get her business off to a good start and design kaleidoscopes that will be in demand. One day Georgios comes into Janeen's store Chatter Box looking for a gift for his mother. He commissions Janeen to make a one of a kind kaleidoscope for his mother for Mother's Day. After getting to know her, Georgios wants nothing more than to help her achieve success. Janeen though wants to make it on her own with no help at all. Georgios shows some of her work to friends of his and one buyer calls her. She is going to decline the offer knowing that he interfered but the buyer tells her it was her design that won him over. Georgios goes back to composing and even writes a song for Janeen. Janeen finally decides that it is not such a bad thing that Georgios wanted to help her. Janeen is very headstrong and gets insulted every time that Georgios wants to help her. Georgios loves her and just wants to make her life easier and can't understand what he does that makes her so angry with him. Each of them are hard headed in their own way but what flows out of this book is a beautiful love story. The reader can't help but feel pain for both Janeen and Georgios as they find their way to each other. This book is a wonderfully romantic tale that just makes you feel good after reading it. Very quick, easy and entertaining read.

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