Friday, October 26, 2012

Sleeping with the Lights On by Brenda Whiteside

Sandra thinks that her future is wrapped up in Wesley. That is until he asks her to be his personal assistant. Wesley's tenant Eva tries to warn Sandra away from Wesley, and Sandra begins to think that Eva is stalking her. Then Sandra's ex Carson comes to town and her feelings for him become all confused. Meanwhile her sister Abby's marriage hits a rocky place and Sandra wants to help her sister through it. Carson and Sandra used to write songs together and after a passionate encounter she finds out that he is really there to get her to accept a payoff and give up her royalty rights. Before he can explain, she kicks him out but he returns and they are both held hostage by Eva who professes her love for Sandra. They are rescued when Abby and her husband Gary show up to tell Sandra their big news. Fifty year old Sandra longs for her life to be complete. To her that means a job she loves and a man she loves. Things however have not been going her way. Carson has never been able to forget her and when his manager wants to write her out of Carson's life, he can't do it. Lots of quirky characters in this story, Wesley the rich sort of boyfriend, his tenant Eva and his ex girlfriend Azalea. Each lend a new facet to the storyline. However, the love and passion between Sandra and Carson can not be denied. It takes them awhile to figure things out and it's a wild ride on the way to a happy ending.

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