Thursday, October 11, 2012

Last First Kiss by Lori Leger

Giselle worked for Jackson and thought of his as Satan. She referred to him like that many times. Her husband Toby could not understand her feeling and tried to change her mind. Then both Giselle's and Jackson's lives were changed in a moment. Both of their spouses were killed in an accident in which Giselle and Jackson were both injured. Jackson had fallen out of love with his wife years ago and learned after her death just how she manipulated him. Giselle sunk into a deep depression after Toby's death and Jackson and his Uncle Bill tried to help. It seemed his Uncle Bill and co-worker Carrie had known for years that Jackson was secretly in love with Giselle. It was Bill talking to Giselle about his wife's death that brought her out of the depression she was in. After that Giselle ran hot and cold toward Jackson and just when she was ready to start a relationship she learned that her husband might have cheated with Jackson's wife. Because of that she broke off her relationship with Jackson, but when he is injured she realizes that she does not want a life without him. This is the second book in the Fleur de Love series. It shows how depression can grab a hold and not let go. Giselle suffered so much after the death of her husband that she didn't want to eat, take care of herself or her children. Luckily she had good friends to pick her up and get her back on track. Jackson, was relieved when his wife passed. He learned just how she had tricked him all through their marriage and now he wants the real thing. He falls instantly in love with Mac and Lexie, Giselle and Toby's daughters. This is not only a heartbreaking story but also a heartwarming story. One that the reader will want to savor for a long time to come. Ms. Leger is a brilliant storyteller, with each book that comes through loud and clear. I would recommend this book and any other book by Ms. Leger.

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