Monday, October 24, 2011

After Midnight by Sarah Grimm

Isabeau Montgomery is the proprietor of a bar. One night she was playing the piano after hours when in walked Noah Clark. Noah was the lead singer of a band called Black Phoenix and they are trying to make a comeback. Isabeau was a child star pianist, but stopped playing after she and her mother were in an accident and her mother lost her life. Her father battled for custody with her step father and won, the only reason she wanted her was to make money off her talent. So, Isa decided it was better not to love music. Noah and his band rented space for a studio down the road from Isa's bar. He could not believe how talented she was and went about trying to get her back into playing. But, at what cost would it come with. Isa is afraid it will destroy her instead of giving her back her life.

Instant chemistry from the beginning between Isa and Noah. Each comes to the relationship with baggage and each wants to help the other get over theirs. Story was very easy to follow from beginning to end with just the right mix of description and dialogue. Enjoyed some of the minor characters like Dominic. Ms. Grimm weaves a captivating story and keeps you wanting to keep reading to see where her characters lead her. Loved the cover of the book and think it fits very well. A book very worth picking up and reading.

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