Monday, June 27, 2011

The Marcelli Bride by Susan Mallery

Darcy Jensen was kidnapped while shopping in the mall. She is the President's daughter and her security team messed up. Joe Larson is a Navy SEAL and his team inadvertently blew up an Admiral's boat. The Secret Service decide that until the kidnappers are caught they will move both of the President's daughters to safe houses. Darcy is sent to the Marcelli Winery and Joe is the liaison between
between the security team and the Marcelli family. The Marcelli's want Joe to acknowledge them as his family. His grandparents made his parents give him up for adoption because they said they were too young to marry and raise a child. Joe has issues with this. Darcy has always felt like she was the undesirable daughter always living in her sister Lauren's shadow.

This is the fourth book in the series. Their time at the winery was a learning experience for both Darcy and Joe. The family accepted Darcy into their ranks as soon as they met her. Joe's grandfather gave Darcy her first paying job as a graphic designer. Darcy does her best to ease the chasm between Joe and his family. Loved the way Darcy and Joe were played off each other in the book. Great to see all the other members of the family and how their own family dynamic had changed since the last book. Very fast and easy read again by Ms. Mallery. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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