Friday, June 17, 2011

A Bride for Jericho Bravo by Christine Rimmer

A Bride for Jericho Bravo by Christine Rimmer

Marnie has been jilted by her boyfriend Mark after living together for years. She decides she can't go home and heads to Texas to her sister Tessa's house. She is welcomed with open arms by Tessa and her husband Ash. The first night she meets Ash's brother Jericho, it is not love at first sight. Later that night she winds up stealing Jericho's chopper. Deciding she needs a job Marnie finds one at a chopper shop and goes to apply. It just so happens it's the shop that Jericho owns with his partner Gus. Gus is all for hiring Marnie, but Jericho says no. Finally he gives in and goes to see Marnie, they talk and he hires her temporarily. The attraction between Jericho and Marnie sizzles but they tell each other they only want a fling. When it's time to leave Jericho breaks it off and then Mark arrives.

I've read a couple of other's in this series and this one to is a nice easy read. It's lighthearted, funny in places with a lot of sizzle thrown in. Marnie wants to show that she has her spark back and Jericho wants his family to see him as something other than their ex con son and brother. Gus is the big champion for both Marnie and Jericho. He is the catalyst that brings them together. Very good series romance.

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Sharon Cohen said...

It seems like a very intresting book..
Thanks for the recommondation (:

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