Monday, June 6, 2011

Trace of Fever by Lori Foster

Priscilla Patterson has lived all her life in hiding. Her mother was abducted by Murray Coburn and used by him and his friends. Priss shows up at Murray's office claiming to be his daughter. The only thing on her mind is killing the man that ruined her mother. Trace Rivers is also after Murray. His sister had been kidnapped by human trafficers and it's Trace's ambition to get all of them and have this heinous crime stopped. He does not want Priss to know what his real job is, he wants her to think that he is just Murray's bodyguard. Even though they don't really trust each other Priss and Trace reluctantly work together. Trace's reason is to keep Priss safe, Priss' reason is to kill Murray.

Even though you know how the book will end, it keeps you turning the pages to find out just how things are resolved. Not only with the situation with Murray but also the personal relationship between Priss and Trace. Lot's of sexual tension though the book, Priss and Trace play very well off each other. You can't help but dislike Murray and Helene to the bitter end. Lots of interesting minor characters in Dare, Molly, Chris, Matt and Jackson. The book flowed pretty well from beginning to end, with lots of good dialogue. Loved the play between the characters of Matt, Chris and Priss as Matt does her makeover. The cover is very nice, but don't know if it really furthers the story. Fans of Lori Foster will not be disappointed in this book.

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