Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When You Dare by Lori Foster

Molly Alexander had been kidnapped and taken to Tijuana, where she was tormented. Dare Macintosh was in Tijuana to rescue his friend Trace's sister Alani who was being held in the same shed as Molly. Seeing Molly there and what shape she was in, Dare took both women to safety. He and Molly realized that she was not being kept for the same reason as Alani. She was not going to be sold, because she was full of bruises. Molly hires Dare to find out who had her kidnapped, so she can get her life back and feel normal again. With Trace's help, Dare compiles information on everyone Molly knows. He looks at her family and her business associates. But, also at the fan mail she receives from writing her novels. They even confront her father with suspicions that he is involved.

Excellent book from beginning to end. Kept me wanting to keep reading and turning pages. Molly is such a strong character and you can't hep but empathize with her and all that she endured. Dare is a true alpha male, but had a much softer side when dealing with Molly and his dogs. The by play between Dare and his assistant Chris was clever and humorous. Having read the second book first I have to say that I enjoyed this one more, even though I did like the second one. Nice cover on the book too. Fans of Ms. Foster will love this book.

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