Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Seductive One by Susan Mallery

Brenna Marcelli walked away from the Marcelli family winery when she married Jeff. After putting Jeff through school he decided he needed a younger wife and left Brenna. She returned home and began working in the winery again. The vines and grapes were in her blood. Her grandfather, however, was not sure she was in it for the long haul and vowed to either sell or leave the winery to her brother whom the family had just found out about. Brenna thought she needed to take her future in hand and went to her first love Nic Giovanni and asked for a loan to start her own label. Nic's and Brenna family had been bitter enemies for years. When Nic asked her to marry him ten years earlier she was afraid how her family would react and said no. Nic gives Brenna the loan but it with ulterior motives he is bound and determined to ruin the Marcelli family.

The third in the Marcelli series by Ms. Mallery. Another fast and easy read, this one really pulls at your heartstrings. It has love, betrayal and a happy ending all in one. The story like the others flows from beginning to end, there are no slow points in the book at all. The introduction of the long lost brother added to the tension. Really enjoyed this book, as I do all her books.

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