Monday, June 27, 2011

Seduced by the Wolf by Terry Spear

Cassie Roux is a wolf biologist. She has come to Oregon to talk about wolves and that they are not harmful to humans. They just need to be left alone in the wild. Attending the lecture is Leidolf Wildhaven, he is a rancher in the area. On her way to the lecture Cassie runs across a rare red wolf and pups. After the lecture she wants to get back to them but Leidolf has different ideas. They go out to dinner and when he takes her back to the B & B, she sneaks out to find the wolf. Little does Leidolf know that Cassie is a werewolf just like him. He finds her injured in the forest and takes her back to his ranch. Leidolf wants Cassie for his mate but she is resistant. She is afraid she will have to give up her research. During all this there is a power struggle forming in Leidolf's pack, plus they have financial problems and pack members that keep getting in trouble.

Got this as a free book on my kindle and have to say I really enjoyed it. I think I will have to look for more by this author. Very good storyline and an interesting look at wolves. Lots of sexual tension between Cassie and Leidolf throughout the whole book. Also thought it was great that she found a family member she thought was dead, her cousin Aimee. The fact that Aimee was found by a member of Leidolf's pack and remained with him was nice too. Very easy read, I was pleasantly surprised.

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