Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Bravo Bachelor by Christine Rimmer

Gabe Bravo has been sent by his father to try and talk widow Mary Hofstetter into selling her ranch. While Gabe is giving his talk Mary goes into labor three weeks early. Gabe drives Mary to the hospital and stays with her through the birth of her daughter Ginny. Then he stays at the ranch with her until her mother in law returns from visiting her sister. Gabe develops real feelings for Ginny and get his father to back off and find other property for his project. Mary falls deeply in love with Gabe but fears that he will ever want marriage.

Another book in Ms. Rimmer's Bravo Family Ties series. Gabe is a good strong kind man and Mary is an equally strong woman. There is a lot of chemistry between them from the first and builds through the rest of the book. Nice story with Mary helping out the homeless who come to her ranch. And also nice changes in Gabe as he learns that you can do forever. Typical series romance and quite an easy read.

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