Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Home Free by Fern Micaels

Maggie Spritzer has been invited to Camp David for Thanksgiving. She will miss the first dinner at Annie da Silva's new farm. The night before Thanksgiving Fergus Duffy shows up at Annie's house. The sisters are sure that Maggie was invited for a reason and the whole time she is there Maggie tries to figure out just what that reason is. While there she meets Gus Sullivan a handicapped veteran that she falls head over heels in love with. Between them all the sisters and Maggie figure out that large sums of money are being diverted from the country's slush funds. With help from Abner Tookus they get the information that will put the bad guys away for a long time. When the caper is done all the sisters announce that they are ready to give up the life of a vigilante and be just normal women leading normal lives.

Another very easy and very fast read. The story like all the other sisterhood books flows flawlessly from beginning to end. Was glad that loose ends were tied up and that there is hope of a new series. Hated to see this one end, I like this series much better than the godmothers. If you are fan of the series you will enjoy this book.

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