Sunday, August 21, 2011

Marrying Molly by Christine Rimmer

Molly O'Dare is the mayor of Tate's Junction. Tate Bravo is on the city council. They argue at each meeting about what is good for the town. Each has their own views and they don't meet in the middle. That did not stop Molly and Tate from having an affair and now Molly is expecting a child. Tate demands that Molly marry him but she will have no part of it. After uncovering secrets from Tate's mother and father's past. She confronts Tate and he gives her an ultimatum marry him or move out.

With each book more comes to light about Blake Bravo and just what a worm he was. Each of his sons have to learn to live with what they learn about their father. Molly just wants Tate to admit he loves her and embrace the knowledge that his mother left him and his brother. Both very strong and hard headed people Molly and Tate just seem to be at odds. Good category romance and a quick and easy read.

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