Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blowing Embers by Lauri J. Owen

Kiera is one of the Governors of alternate Fairbanks and a fire mage. She rules with Lazlo her husband and former slave and Marco who is like a brother to Kiera. Lazlo and Kiera are raising her nephew Alex whose father murdered his mother Kiera's sister. Vrishka, a water mage wants to rule all of alternate Alaska and sends conditions of surrender to Kiera and the other governors. After receiving them Hunter, Alex's father attacks Kiera and vows to kill her and get his son back. They hear of an attack by Vrishka and Lazlo leads their soldiers to fight. However, he is captured and Chanda the man that Vrishka would replace Kiera with tells her that Lazlo is gone. At first she believes that he is dead but after awhile she remembers that they are all about deception. Now, Kiera has to fight not only Hunter but keep her people free and release her husband from captivity.

To me an excellent book grabs you in the first few sentences and takes you on wild ride. This book fell short for me. I had a very hard time getting into the story and it took until about a third of way through the second part before it became a page turner. Wish the glossary would have been in the front for easier access and familiarization before the start of the book. Maybe if I had read the first book things would have made more sense to me. The cover is nice though and fits I think. Sci-fi lovers will most likely enjoy this book. For me though it was just ok.

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