Sunday, August 21, 2011

Storm of Visions by Christina Dodd

Jacqueline did not want to acknowledge her gift. Caleb goes and finds her and brings her to her mother. She is also there with the Chosen Ones. Zusane, Jacqueline's mother leaves when all the Chosen Ones are in the circle and tells them they have survive on their own. While together the other Chosen Ones are murdered in an explosion. Now the Chosen Ones who are left have to figure out who betrayed them and Jacqueline has to deal with her gift and help find out who killed her mother.

This book was ok. I liked the darkness chosen series better. However, this was just the first book and hopefully the rest will be better. There was a lot going on and not each person was explored yet. Jacqueline and Caleb are both strong personalities and play well off each other. There was the right balance of dialogue and description and ended up in the end being a pretty fast read.

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