Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Stranger and Tessa Jones by Christine Rimmer

Tessa Jones has just learned that her boyfriend married someone else in Vegas. She realizes that she has lousy taste in men. While breaking all the dishes that Bill had given her a stranger collapses in her front yard. When the man comes to he has no idea where he is or who he is. Tessa takes him in and nurses him as best she can during a snow storm. Several days later, things start coming back to him and he remembers his name is Ash Bravo. He calls his brother and learns that he is engaged, but Ash remembers that he broke it off with Lianne. Having learned that he was injured in a plane crash, Ash also learns that Lianne is in the hospital in a coma. Tessa tells him that he needs to go to her and see that she is ok. Then he can figure out what he wants to do. Ash tells her that he will return for her, but Tessa is not so sure.

This book combines two of Ms. Rimmer's series The Jones Gang and Bravo Family Ties. Quick book to read with a pretty simple storyline. Each of the Bravo books are a little different but still a cute romantic read. This one is no different in that area. Good strong characters like the other books, Ash and Tessa return in A Bride for Jericho Bravo. Have been enjoying this series very much.

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