Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Bravo Christmas Reunion by Christine Rimmer

Hayley Bravo is pregnant. She left her job and her boss Marcus Reid when she found out she was expecting his child. Hayley knew in his heart that Marcus was still carrying a torch for his ex-wife Adriana. When Marcus goes to visit Hayley he is shocked to find her in the family way and when he realizes that the baby is his he tries to convince her to marry him. Hayley asks him for two weeks of just the two of them. But, Jenny Reid decided to make her apprearance early. Then Marcus was getting calls from his ex that he was not telling Hayley about. When Adriana shows up on the newlyweds doorstep Hayley leaves to go back home and wait to see what Marcus does.

It's seems that all the Bravo books I have been reading lately are girl gets pregnant and guy tries to talk her into getting married. While they are all ok reads and fast they are pretty predictable. Each book adds new Bravos to the family and glimpses of others from past books. There were no lags in the book and it read easily. It's a good fluff book if that's what you want to read.

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