Sunday, August 21, 2011

Photo Finished by Laura Child

Carmela Bertrand was having an all night crop at her shop Memories Mine. Her assistant left to move Carmela's car for her and found the body of Barty Hayward. Carmela's friend Tandy's nephew Billy is the prime suspect. Everyone knows at Carmela's shop that Billy would not hurt a fly. Tandy finally asks Carmela to look into the murder and while she is doing special jobs for businesses around the area she begins to investigate. It all comes to a head at the Monsters & Old Master's Ball at the Art Institute.

The second scrapbooking mystery by Ms. Child. Very clean and easy read. Most of the same characters from the first book are back in this one. Lovers of cozy mysteries will want to read this series. I really liked it and is a nice change of pace.

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