Sunday, August 21, 2011

Listen to Your Heart by Fern Michaels

Josie and her sister Kitty have a catering business. Kitty is the cook and Josie has the head numbers. One day a man comes to hire the sisters but before he does his dog destroys Josie's flowers and her screen door. The reason is that the dog, Zip falls head over heels for Josie's dog Rosie. They may have gotten off on the wrong foot but Paul is determined to make it up to Josie. They start talking about mother's because Josie is missing her's. Paul tells her that he is estranged from his. Little do they know but Paul's mother Marie is one of Josie's clients. Josie knows the whole story from listening to Marie talk about the son she loves and does not see. Finally, Paul is ready to confront his mother, Josie tells him to listen with his heart.

Fern Michaels is one of my favorite authors and this book did not disappoint. Loved the dogs Zip and Rosie and all they got up too. Set in New Orleans, with the sites and sounds as a back drop. Josie did not have much luck with men and was not sure it had changed when she met Paul. She thought he only wanted her for a dog sitter. Paul has issues of his own that he had to deal with to find his way to Josie. Cute story and a good romance, I liked it.

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