Sunday, August 21, 2011

Savor the Danger by Lori Foster

Jackson Savor wakes up in bed with Alani Rivers and can't remember how he got there. From things that Alani says they spent the night getting really well acquainted. Not remembering their night grates on Alani's nerves and she leaves him perplexed. Finally Jackson figures out that he has been drugged and goes to talk to and straighten things out with Alani. With the help of her brother Trace and friend Dare they realize that both Jackson and Alani are in danger and that Jackson needs to guard Alani while they figure out who is trying to kill them both.

Recurring characters from When you Dare and Trace of Fever. The chemistry between Jackson and Alani from the other two books will not be denied. Good story line and a real page turner from beginning to end. Enjoyed this book as much as the other two. Makes me think I will find more books by Ms. Foster to read.

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