Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome to Serenity by Sherryl Woods

Jeannette Brioche is happy with her life, that is until all her friends start getting married and having babies. Tom McDonald is the new city manager in Serenity. It's not the job his parents would have picked for him, but Tom sees it as a challenge. He likes the small town and knowing his neighbors. Then one day Tom clashes with Jeannette and he knows this is the place for him, at least for now. Neither Tom or Jeannette had typical home lives growing up, so they understand each other. Then one day Jeannette sees Tom's parents and realizes that his mother tried to have her fired and sued her place of employment when she worked in Charleston. Tom is determined to have his mother and Jeannette make nice. Then Jeannette's father has an accident and she has to face the cold treatment from her parents that she received since her brother's death. With all this going on Tom is still confident that he and Jeannette have a future, she is not so sure.

The Sweet Magnolias are at it again meddling this time in Jeannette and Tom's lives. They keep pushing them together to see the sparks fly. Jeannette is a very strong person but very vulnerable when it comes to talking about her past. Tom knows what his family like was like and loves his parents even though he does not want their life. From the first Jeannette and Tom clash, but they keep finding their way back to each other. Good chick lit book with a sweet storyline.

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